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Unmaintained MQ2BuffTool

Other Authors
s0rCieR, Zeus, JGC84
Included in Very Vanilla
Very Vanilla Included! No need to download.
Server Type
🏢 Live Test
MQ2BuffTool - This is also a plugin that will click off buffs automatically, but includes some logic to decide what to click off.

TLO Added
Rich (BB code):
${Block.Ready} (bool Plugin Loaded && InGame && Bloc Enable)
${Block.Quiet} (bool Always true or NULL if plugin not loaded)
${Block.Popup} (bool Should i Popup Msg on Spell Block?)
${Block.Count} (int # of buff in bloc list)
${Block.Total} (int # of buff blocked so far)
${Block.Spell[X]} (int # of free slot for a spell -1 not found)
${Block.Maxim[X]} (int Maxim # of Buff (1=buff,2=song,3=pet))
${Block.Avail[X]} (int Avail # of Buff (1=buff,2=song,3=pet))

Rich (BB code):
/Command Common to ALL (ie /block /unblock /clickoff)
/Command /Help (Show Help)
/Command /List (Show List of Spells Being Blocked)
/Command /Load (Load Settings and Bloc List from INI)
/Command /Save (Save Settings and Bloc List to INI)
/Command /Block (Toggle on/off Scan for Bloc Buffs)
/Command /Popop (Toggle on/off Display of Popups)
/Command /Window (Popups XML Windows)
/Block <##/Name/[Set]> <MODE>
/Block ## <MODE> (spell on slot ##, -## for song)
/Block Name <MODE> (spell matching that name)
/Block [Set] (spell list from INI)
<MODE> 0=always(default) 1+ free buff to keep (Optional)
/Unblock <##/Name/[Set]>
/Unblock ## (remove Block from bloc list ##)
/Unblock Name (remove Block for that spell name)
/Unblock [Set] (remove Block for this List from INI)
/Clickoff <##/Name/[Set]>
/Clickoff ## (click off slot ##, -## for song)
/Clickoff Name (click off buff matching that name)
/Clickoff [Set] (click off buff from List in INI)
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