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Plugin - MQ2BuffTool (1 Viewer) 1.01


So old and salty he grew scales
Sep 28, 2005
MQ2BuffTool - This is also a plugin that will click off buffs automatically, but includes some logic to decide what to click off.

TLO Added
Rich (BB code):
${Block.Ready} (bool Plugin Loaded && InGame && Bloc Enable)
${Block.Quiet} (bool Always true or NULL if plugin not loaded)
${Block.Popup} (bool Should i Popup Msg on Spell Block?)
${Block.Count} (int # of buff in bloc list)
${Block.Total} (int # of buff blocked so far)
${Block.Spell[X]} (int # of free slot for a spell -1 not found)
${Block.Maxim[X]} (int Maxim # of Buff (1=buff,2=song,3=pet))
${Block.Avail[X]} (int Avail # of Buff (1=buff,2=song,3=pet))
Rich (BB code):
/Command Common to ALL (ie /block /unblock /clickoff)
/Command /Help (Show Help)
/Command /List (Show List of Spells Being Blocked)
/Command /Load (Load Settings and Bloc List from INI)
/Command /Save (Save Settings and Bloc List to INI)
/Command /Block (Toggle on/off Scan for Bloc Buffs)
/Command /Popop (Toggle on/off Display of Popups)
/Command /Window (Popups XML Windows)
/Block <##/Name/[Set]> <MODE>
/Block ## <MODE> (spell on slot ##, -## for song)
/Block Name <MODE> (spell matching that name)
/Block [Set] (spell list from INI)
<MODE> 0=always(default) 1+ free buff to keep (Optional)
/Unblock <##/Name/[Set]>
/Unblock ## (remove Block from bloc list ##)
/Unblock Name (remove Block for that spell name)
/Unblock [Set] (remove Block for this List from INI)
/Clickoff <##/Name/[Set]>
/Clickoff ## (click off slot ##, -## for song)
/Clickoff Name (click off buff matching that name)
/Clickoff [Set] (click off buff from List in INI)


New member
Nov 14, 2010
sometimes click wrong slot , but show right name
idk why , but happend many time

hope can fix it and change remove buff code to base on /removebuff

i can't find MQ2BuffTool.XML in RG package

here is find macroquest2.com
it work ,
View attachment MQUI_BuffTool.xml

this plugin great for TLP player ,15 buff slot only and can't blockbuff ..



New member
Oct 19, 2019
Keeps clicking off my brells brawny bulwark for the entire group then paladin recast then clicks off 2 seconds later and on and on and on. very annoying. any idea on how to stop this? also anyone who has an aura casts it continuously, like its not seeing its already on or something? This is with the newest MQ2 update while running KA.

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