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Utility MQ2AutoForage 2.3

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  • Removed unnecessary defines
  • Removed unused variables
  • Abstracted ini name setting from the places it was called
  • Moved Pulse checks into OnPulse
  • Removed IsBardClass
  • Removed tolower from atob (was already a case insensitive check)
  • Removed mixed tabs and spaces (more tabs, tabs win)
Fixed a crash in MQ2AutoForage when inventory was full.
This crash would result in the EQGraphicsDX9.dll dumps some people has sent me. (Thank you.) - eqmule
Sic - Lowered pulsedelay to better avoid conflicts with other plugins and macros
2.1 - ChatWithThisName && Sic
No longer requires a hotkey in "Actions" to use forage.
Added new functions MyUseAbility, AbilityReady, atob, InGame
and VerifyINI.
Added Keeping the last state for /startforage and /stopforage
Defaults to on. It's assumed if they loaded the plugin that they
wanted to start foraging.
Significantly slowed down the plugin, to only check forage to be
ready once every 100 pulses.
-Fixed the plugin from not working if we went to a char screen or swapped characters - the IAmCamping had nothing to reset it to "false". I noticed this because I just did this with the update to mq2feedme.
Add new bool varial "IAmCamping"
Variable is flipped toggled from incoming chat signifying camping/abandoning preparation to camp. - @ChatWithThisName