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Configurable foraging
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Authors watlol, Bl!ng, eqmule, ChatWithThisName, Sic, Knightly, JerkChicken, GoldenFrog
Software type Plugin
Config file MQ2Forage.ini, MQ2Forage_server.ini, MQ2Forage_character_server.ini

Maintained Yes and supported

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Uses the forage skill and your configured .ini file to keep or destroy foraged items. You must have the Forage skill on an ability menu for the plugin to operate correctly.


Syntax Description
/destroyitem [<item>] Will attempt to destroy the item on your cursor. MQ2AutoForage overwrites this command, and will instead require a specified <item> to add to an auto-destroy list.
/keepitem <item> add/change the specified item in the .ini file to keep.
/startforage commence autoforaging.
/stopforage stop autoforaging.


The default INI file is: MQ2Forage.ini

To allow for more customizations you can use server specific or a character specific INI. The plugin will search for your characters INI in the following order:

  1. MQ2Forage_CharacterName_Server.ini
  2. MQ2Forage_Server.ini
  3. MQ2Forage.ini

To use a server or per character INI, these files must be created manually.

Prior to 2021-03-16; The plugin only used Character .ini files.

Sample .ini file,

Fishing Grubs=destroy
[The Emerald Jungle]
Pod of Water=keep
[The Feerrott]
Tuft of Grizzly Bear Fur=destroy
Rabbit Meat=keep
[Plane of Fear]
Fishing Grubs=destroy
Tuft of Black Bear Fur=destroy
Black Bear Skull=destroy
[Temple of Veeshan]
Pod of Water=keep
Wurm Egg=keep
Glob of Slush Water=keep
Lichen Roots=keep
Dragon Claw Sliver=keep
Drake Egg=keep
Dragon Egg=keep

Zone names are in [Brackets] e.g. [The Feerrott].

If you'd like to apply rules globally, use [Global]. Item settings under [Global] will be overruled by zone-specific settings.

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