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KissAssist Beginner's Guide

Guide KissAssist Beginner's Guide

This guide assumes you've already installed Very Vanilla, our version of MacroQuest. If you need more detailed help with KissAssist, read the KissAssist manual.

Updated for 2022: Video Guide!


Beginner's Guide

What is KissAssist?
KissAssist is a simple, powerful macro for Everquest written by Maskoi and other community members. It can box any character, any class. If you can make a character, KissAssist can make it your assistant (similar to a mercenary.)

How do I run it?
If you'd like to see an example, here's a character I set up in a few minutes:

This is my character "Simplify" - a cleric - with his loyal mercenary "Ocetekgu" - a warrior. Simplify is level 1. I'm going to configure KissAssist to make Simplify more helpful for a group.


Since I've never used KissAssist with this character, I first target a player or merc and type "/mac kissassist" and wait 15 seconds or so, and then type "/endmac". This created my character's settings file.


I then go to my Macros folder, and right-click edit the "KissAssist_charactername.ini" file with notepad.


I'm only going to change a few things:

Under [General]:

  • I set LootOn to "1". This means I will loot the mobs I kill.


Under [Buffs]:

  • I set BuffsOn to "1". This means I will use buffs.
  • I set Buffs1 to "Courage". That's the name of my buff.


Under [Melee]:

  • I set MeleeOn to "1". This means I will melee during a fight.


Under [Heals]:

  • I set HealsOn to "1". This means I will heal my groupmates.
  • I set Heals1 to "Minor Healing|60". This means I will use the "Minor Healing" spell on myself or any groupmate below 60% health.

That's it. I'll now walk my character and his comrade to the middle of the newbie zone and turn them loose, by targeting my mercenary "Ocetekgu" and typing:
"/mac kissassist puller" (This designates Simplify as the puller, and since I had Ocetekgu targeted, she's the Main Assist)


Within a few minutes Simplify is level 3, with a bag full of crappy loot. It's fun to watch and tweak the settings.


The real fun comes when you add characters to your group.

For full explanations of each setting, check out the KissAssist manual.


Intermediate Guide

I recently unearthed three level 70-something characters (druid, bard and rogue) from my early days of Everquest, and decided to box them with KissAssist. There are much better 3 class combo's one could use, but KissAssist is so flexible you could level a group of 6 clerics. I've decided to use the rogue as a puller, and will leave the tanking & healing to mercs. The bard will DPS and the druid will do a little backup healing & DPS. I didn't put much thought into these roles, thankfully they're easy to change in the future.


1) I log into all of these accounts on the same PC.

2) Since this is my first time using these characters with KissAssist, I type "/mac kissassist" on each character to create the settings files, and then "/endmac" on each one. I then go to my "Release\Macros" folder, and open each character's "KissAssist_charactername.ini" file and begin editing.


Like the KissAssist beginner's guide, I'm only changing a few settings here and there. First up is the rogue,

3) The Rogue


Under "General" I change the role to puller since the rogue will be pulling. I also tell KissAssist to auto-accept rez which is a personal preference.

Next up are buffs. The rogue has a few item clickies, so I turned BuffsOn to "1" and then added the click items (this is a very old character, please don't laugh).
Buffs1=Shrunken Goblin Skull Earring
Buffs2=Dark Phylactery

The next thing I change is DPS. This setting just tells KissAssist which disc/AA I'd like to use. Below, I've decided to use a couple discs when the mob is at 95% health or less:
DPS1=Deadly Precision Discipline|95
DPS2=Kinesthetics Discipline|95

Since my rogue is pulling, I'm going to mess with the pull settings a bit. I'm going to have him use a bow with some arrows I conjured, and will also increase his pull range since my zone is so large.

PullWith=Elegant Defiant Bow|Hunter's Barbs

Optional: This step is optional and outside of KissAssist, and involves configuring MQ2Melee. I wanted to stop certain abilities like "pick-pocket" from running. Since this ability (and a few others) are handled by MQ2Melee instead of KissAssist, I had to edit an entirely different .ini file (NOT THE KissAssist .ini file I was editing above) which is the "servername_charactername.ini" file in the Very Vanilla root folder (/Release), where I was able to tweak the settings to my heart's content. You can find a guide on each MQ2Melee setting here.

With my rogue configured, it was time for the druid.

4) The Druid


Because Druids need mana, I turn MedOn to 1 (KissAssist will autodetect endurance if the class is melee). I've also decided to make the druid my looter, so I turn on looting which I'll talk about later. I also made the druid the designated "campfire dropper" for my fellowship by turning on "CampfireOn".


Under [buffs] I add spell buffs as well as clicky buffs from items. The druid will buff the entire group.

Buffs1=Blessing of the Direwild
Buffs2=Mammoth's Strength
Buffs3=Legacy of Viridiflora
Buffs4=Flight of Eagles
Buffs5=Dark Phylactery
Buffs6=Protection of Seasons
Buffs7=Blessing of Oak

Under [DPS] I add DPS spells for the druid, and what percentage the mob should be at before casting them. I apply my dot when the mob is at 91% or less (but only do that once), and burn when the mob is 80% or less.

DPS1=Nature's Blazing Wrath|91|Once
DPS2=Equinox Burn|80

Under [Heals] I turn on "HealsOn" and add some spells for the druid, as well as the % health a groupmate should be under before casting. For example, Adrenaline Surge will be cast on anyone who is below 40% health. I've also turned on AutoRezOn, which will rez any corpse within 100 radius.

Heals1=Adrenaline Surge|40
Heals2=Nature's Recovery|70
AutoRezWith=Incarnate Anew

Because I'm an idiot, I've also included the druid pet.

PetSpell=Nature Walker's Behest
PetBuffs1=Savage Spirit

Before I turn on KissAssist for my druid, I try to have most of the crucial healing/dps spells above memorized anywhere except gem slot #8, since that is the "miscellaneous" gem which KissAssist will use to memorize spells that I don't currently have memmed.

5) The Bard


Under General, I decided to turn on "RezAcceptOn". Also, I decided to allow my bard to play a song during downtime, so I turned on "TwistOn", then told it to play the song in gem #9 (which is my mana song) with "TwistMed" and did the same thing for "TwistWhat".


Under Buffs, I turned on buffing as there were a few item clickies I wanted to use.

Buffs1=Bloodfiend`s Throat Gem
Buffs2=Dark Phylactery
Buffs4=Shrunken Goblin Skull Earring

Melee is the most important part of a bard's .ini file, as this is where you define the combat twist. I set mine up to twist gems #2,3,4,5 and 9. I also turned on "MeleeOn" because I like bards that melee.

MeleeTwistWhat=2 3 4 5 9

Optional: This step is optional and only for those crazy enough to care. Certain abilities can be handled by KissAssist as well as MQ2Melee, like Boastful Bellow (and I assume Selo's Kick but I don't have it yet) and I decided to turn them on in MQ2Melee. To do this I had to go to an entirely different .ini file (NOT THE KissAssist .ini file I was editing above) which is the "servername_charactername.ini" file in the Very Vanilla root folder (/Release), where I was able to tweak the settings to my heart's content. You can find a guide on each MQ2Melee setting for melee classes here.

All set! The group is ready to run.

6) Running KissAssist

With KissAssist all set up, I take the three characters to a nice little spot in Wall of Slaughter. I summon the mercs and use the group leader to set the group-roles (I set the tank merc as "Tank", and my rogue as "Puller"). Next, here's what I type on each character:

(Targeting tank merc)
/mac kissassist
(targeting tank merc)
/mac kissassist puller
(targeting tank merc)
/mac kissassist manual (The "manual" flag means kissassist will only handle buffs / clickies. I use this on my main so I get a few benefits while still being in control.)





That's it, enjoy boxing extra characters with KissAssist!

Post Script
There are a few things I'd like to touch on before ending this guide.

Radius, Range and Distance
Maskoi made this picture to help you visualize the above settings.

Kiss radius.jpg

overhead view
side view


I made a hotkey with the command "/lootsell". After a few hours of boxing, I go through the looter's bags. With an item on my cursor, I click the sell hotkey.


When I head to a merchant, I just type "/mac sellstuff" and every item that's ever been marked with "/lootsell" will be sold. It's good to be rich.

Player courtesy for camps
KissAssist can be set to pause and beep if a stranger comes close. It's common courtesy to give up your camp to other players. If you want to leave the zone in these cases, you can use GTFO.

Here's the basic settings I use for each toon.
Despite the name, please do not use KissAssist while AFK as you will be banned.


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