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Utility MQ2GMCheck 2.2

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MQ2GMCheck - This plugin checks to see if a GM is in the zone. This is not fool proof. It is absolutely true that a GM could be right in front of you and you'd never know it. This plugin will simply find those who are in the zone and not gm-invis, or who just came into the zone and were not gm-invised at the time. If a GM comes into the zone already gm-invised, you will not know about that.

Rich (BB code):
/gmcheck on|off        - enable/disable scanning for GMs
/gmcheck chat on|off   - toggle chat channel alert
/gmcheck chattimer X   - set frequency of chat channel alert, default=15s
/gmcheck popup on|off  - toggle popup alert
/gmcheck popuptimer X  - set frequency of popup alert, default=30s
/gmcheck audio on|off  - toggle audio alert
/gmcheck audiotimer X  - set frequency of audio alert, default=30s
/gmcheck testaudio     - command to test if your audio is working correctly
/gmcheck list          - list all known GMs currently in the zone
/gmcheck reset         - reset list of known GMs
/gmcheck history       - complete history dump
/gmcheck zone          - history of GM's in this zone
/gmcheck server        - history of GM's on this server
/gmcheck servers       - history of GM's on all servers
/gmcheck timer X       - set scan delay to X seconds, default=2s
/gmcheck help          - show the available commands
Rich (BB code):
${GMCheck} returns TRUE, FALSE, or DISABLED.
${GMCheck.Status} returns TRUE, FALSE, or DISABLED.
${GMCheck.Count} returns the number of GM's known in the zone.
To add a sound warning for when a gm appears you must create an entry in the ini file.

MQ2GMCheck.ini is not created until it encounters a GM so you may need to create the file.
Open MQ2GMCheck.ini in your favorite editor.
Add the following text to the top of the ini file

Rich (BB code):
Sound=C:\\Program Files\\Macroquest2\\gmcheck.wav[/Audio]
The sound= must point to the correct folder of your sound file. The folders must be separated by \\ for MQ2GMCheck to properly read it. The default sound gmcheck.wav is included in the compile. You can use any .wav file for the audio warning. You just need to correctly point the sound= to it in the in file.

You can test the audio warning in MQ2 after you have loaded mq2gmcheck with the following command.
Rich (BB code):
/gmcheck testaudio
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