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Combat Assist IHCZerker 1.2.1

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This is heavily based off noobhaxors auto macros ( with permission of course )
It is basically Autozerker but I'll leave all the auto names for noob, so I give you IHCZerker 1.0!

IHCZerker has all the same requirements / dependencies as the auto mac's so your going to need a copy of autosubs.inc from the automacro's mega thread Attached at the bottom.

Required: Set first slot of Extended Target 1 to AUTO!
Recommended: Setting a Group Assist Role

Target your main assist and type /mac ihczerker and watch it kill stuff!

an ini file will be created in your macro's folder named IHCZerker_YourCharacterName.ini
there are a few options that can be set described below, some default values are supplied:

Configuration settings
FollowToonName=NULL - Toon name to follow
UseFellowship=0 - Click back to campfire
LootOn=0 - Use NinjaAdvloot on / off
UseMelee=1 - Use melee? Yeah you need this on or its just gonna stand there, on by default
UseIntimidate=1 - Turn intimidate skill on/off
AllowMezBreak=0 - Break mez if target is below assist %
StickHow=behind - Custom stick command
UsePet=1 - Pet use on / off
UseAlliance=0 - Alliance use on/off ( Must have 3 zerkers including self or ForceAlliance=1 for this to be used )
ForceAlliance=0 - Force Alliance Use. Use when other Zerkers are present but not in the same group
UseOpener=1 - Use opening Kick/punch/slap ability
UseAoE=0 - Turn the use of AE abilities on/off
DoMed=0 - Auto med on / off
EndMedPct=80 - When to start medding
BurnAlways=0 - Constantly rotate through burn routines as they become available
BurnMobCount=3 - Start burns if there are this may mobs or more. 3 by default works kinda nice in group play
InstantRelease=0 - Release if I die?
AutoCampHold=0 - Camp on/off
AutoAssistAt=98 - Sets Mob HP% to start attacking at
AssistRange=100 - How far away the target can be to Attack.
UseSmartAssist=1 - Waits for mob to be in melee range of MA before engaging
AutoAxe=1 - Automatically summon axes 0=no 1=yes
AutoAxeCount=600 - Summon axes till we are at or above this number ( Default is 300 )
AutoAxeMin=101 - Start summoning axes when we have this number or less
AutoAxeName=Axe of the Demolisher - Axe name to summon
AutoAxeComponents=Masterwork Axe Components - Component name for the axes we want to summon
ChestItemName=Selrach's Warmonger Coat - Name of the BP you want to use the click from
ChestCombatCast=1 - Turn on/off the use of a Chest piece defined in the ini
UsePoisons=0 - Automatic applying of weapon poisons
PoisonName=Spider's Bite XVI - Name of the weapon poison to use
PoisonBuffName=Spider's Bite - Name of the buff the poisons puts on you

Bugs? Feature requests? Other Suggestions? Questions?

Updated Jan 22nd 2018
Version 1.2.1
Release Notes:
1) If chase was on or a FollowToon was set in the ini, when fighting mobs with a large radius /stick and /afollow would fight and cause a difficulty getting in / staying in position or "Jittering".
- If stick is active we no longer call the follow sub, stick should only ever be active on the MA's target....so if we're /stick'ing we're killing something
1)Assist - More Assist tuning, we want fast...but not methhead fast! You can have that if you want though. AssistRange was added last time to allow the zerker to adjust how far away a target could be before attacking, the higher the setting the less likely you wouldend up with a zerker that just stood there doing nothing. The downside to this is if the mob is below the assistat % on incomming the zerker will charge out aftre it and not let it come to the puller/ma. Smartassist has been added to help with this.
-New ini setting UseSmartAssist (on by default), can be turned on/off by editing the ini.
-SmartAssist checks that the attack target is in melee range of the MA before engaging
TIPS for these features:
-Need to fight mobs at max range from the casters? Turn up AssistRange to make sure you'll run out and help kill it when its in that range.
-Tank is pulling past/through the melee? Smartassist on
-Need to zerg as soon as you even see a mob? Smart assist off, Crank up assist range, set assist % high, burnalways on....hope the tank/puller built enough aggro before you got to it!

Version 1.2
1)RESPEK THE MEZ! Mez will not be broken just because a mob is under the assistat % and on target, this is the MA's job....unless you are the MA...or dont care, set AllowMezBreak in the ini or turn on/off with /tglmezbreak
1)AoE is Here! Turn it on/off in the ini or use /tglaoe
- If there are 2+ mobs Furious Rampage will be used if ready since its a counter type buff I wanted to be sure it got used on more than 1 mob
- AE damage is 1st in the dps routine
- Rampage is used without reguard to mob count
- If 5+ mobs are in a radius of 25 Vicious is used otherwise Arcslice is used
2)BP check and use - Set ChestItemName in your ini to the name of the bp you want to use. ChestCombatCast turns its use on/off or toggle with /tglbp
3)Poisons - Keep a poison buff on your weapon. Set PoisonName to the name of the poison and PoisonBuffName to the name of the buff it casts on you in the ini. Set UsePoisons in the ini to turn on/off ot toggle with /tglpoison
4)Forced Alliance Use - Good for when other zerkers are around but not in group, this ignores zerkercount. Set ForceAlliance in the ini to turn on/off or use /tglforce
1)Assist - Added a new Setting AssistRange ( default is 100 ). Assist was using a hard coded value of 50 from autosubs and this is small
-Changed to some faster TLO's for checks
-Removed some restrictions in the checks that could allow the target to not get picked up....because stick or pebble caused a line of site issue
-Moved Combat start to engage routine instead of target aquisition routine, stops a lot of too far awar and cant see messages which were sending a ton of calls to an event to try and handle this
2)Expanded in game command list. A lot of setting only changable by editing the ini can now be set in game. /ihchelp to see the expanded list
1)Wont summon newest axe type
2)Checking into not being able to manually play char after ending mac

- Bug fixes and REQUESTS
- Out of Group DPS Support
- Circle of power use
- Add more aggro management
- Code cleanup / optimization / expand use of certain disc's
First release
Last update
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