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Add some style to your Notepad++ mac and inc files

Guide Add some style to your Notepad++ mac and inc files 1.0

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Add a little Style to your macro's when using Notepad++
Importing MacroQuest2.xml as a language into Notepad++ will add the following color scheme and formatting to files of type .mac or .inc
Added: 2nd Version named MacroQuest2_wPlugin_TLOs includes all plugin TLO's methods and commands, the language name is different so you can install both and toggle between them.

If you dont know how to import or add a language go to the bottom of this page http://docs.notepad-plus-plus.org/index.php?title=User_Defined_Language_Files

PreProcessor - Gold
*Comments - Green
**Data Types - Bold Blue
Numbers - Red
***Block Defining - Blue
Flow Control - Blue
Labels - Gold
TLO's - Bold Blue
Methods - Blue Italic
Operators - Brown
Brackets - Light Blue
Scope - Light Blue
Key Words - Gold
MQ Commands - Bold Navy Blue
Plugin Commands - Bold Pink
Everquest Commands - Bold Purple

Meant to help visually recognize errors and assist with formatting and blocking so you can collapse huge blocks of code in macro's to make referencing other area's easier
Extensive lists for all the above categories to help recognize proper spelling, case, wether a TLO is being used or a method, calls to outside plugins, built in everquest commands, built in / enhanced MQ commands, etc.

Also included is a quick style reference list and a very long macro command reference both saved as .inc files to demonstrate formatting

* Single line comments need to start like this to apply the color |- this is so there is not a conflict with the || operator, | is still a comment as far as the language is concerned
** Not every Macroquest2 data type is here just the ones used most commonly in macro's, the others are mostly for compiled programs, if one is missing you'd like added....ask!
*** If there is more than 1 /return in a sub the entire block will not collapse, to fix this you can add a | Sub comment line near the top of the sub for each extra /return call found...with sound logic multiple /return in a sub can be avoided anyway usually


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Very helpful when working with INC and MAC files in Notepad++.