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Utility Bat Phone Camper 1.0

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Software Requirements
MQ2Gmail for text alerts
Server Type
🏢 Live
Simple macro for camping named mobs and alerting you when they spawn while you do something less boring ( watch TV, go outside, etc )

I wrote this a while back when I was camping the PoP gods for PoTime key's. I'd stick my toons in different zones invis and run this with text as my alert and when one would pop I'd get a text and come in an kill it.
Requires you to setup MQ2Gmail to use text alerts.
Use: Setup a character in a zone with a mob you want to camp, start and end the mac, open bpcamper.ini and add the Mob name(s) you want to camp and how you want to be alerted ( text, /bc or echo ) Restart the mac and when the mob pops it'll either send a text, a message to your bc server or an echo
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