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This command is added by MQ2MoveUtils

Syntax Key
Notation Description
Text without brackets or braces Required items
<Text inside angle brackets> Placeholder for which you must supply a value
[Text inside square brackets] Optional items
Vertical bar (|) Separator for mutually exclusive items; choose one
{Text | inside | braces} Set of required items; choose one
Ellipsis () Items that can be repeated
Syntax /stick [option]... | toggle <setting> | set <setting> {on|off}
Description /follow-like command, works for any pc|npc. Default distance is melee range. /stick with no parameters will stick you to your current target, using max melee range.


Option Description
[On | Off] Turns stick on and off with default values.

On is a nearly-useless parameter and only included to support older macros or stickcmd=on in MQ2Melee to prevent MQ2Melee from doing anything undesired.

If you use /stick on in your macro, expect to be laughed at whole-heartedly.
help [settings] Displays generic help information, and help for the command used. The settings optional parameter displays help information for all plugin 'set' and 'toggle' commands. NOTE: this command won't show anything if verbosity is off, which is default. /stick set verbosity on to see help settings.
debug Dumps the current values of all plugin variables to a debug INI file.
status [all] ChatWnd output for the status of the issuing command (stick in this example). The all optional parameter displays status output for all aspects of the plugin.
pause [lock] | unpause pause: Pauses all aspects of the plugin.

The lock optional parameter prevents plugin from automatically unpausing under any circumstance other than user issuing unpause. Note: This does not toggle.

unpause: Resumes all aspects of the plugin.

Note: This does not toggle.
save | load Saves or load your current configuration settings using MQ2MoveUtils.ini.
imsafe BreakOnSummon and BreakOnGM have built-in protection disabling the ability to re-issue commands when triggered.

This prevents macros from continuing to issue commands in a possibly unsafe situation.

The imsafe parameter allows command usage to resume.
min Minimizes custom user window similar to /mqmin.
clear Clears custom user window buffer similar to /mqclear.
verbflags Outputs current verbosity flags setting (this one displays even if totalsilence is enabled. too bad.).
id [#] Sticks to the given spawn id.

Uses id of your current target if no spawn id is given.

This allows you to continue sticking when your target changes, e.g. casting a heal on someone.
# | #% Stick at the specified distance or percentage.
-# Reduce current stick distance modifier by #.
moveback Stick will back up to the <dist> value if the target gets closer, e.g. many targets in the rear pushing target too close to the tank.
loose Stick using turn increments instead of instant heading adjustment.
truehead Stick using actual keypress heading adjustments. Does not work if wineq option is enabled!
healer Healer sticking does not perform face adjustments to look at the target while in stick range.

This is good for keeping a healer close & sticking to another group member without having it turn to face the other character constantly as it moves.

Does not work with any strafe-style sticks (pin front !front behind behindonce snaproll).
uw | underwater Face angle will look up/down at the stick target.
hold Stick to the current target even if your target changes.
behind Stick to the rear of the target unless you are on HoTT. Will spin in circles if you do not have HoTT and gain aggro (to prevent, use DelayStrafe!).
behindonce Stick behind the target when first moving into position, only using <dist> enforcement after.
!front Stick to target anywhere but the frontal arc, same considerations as behind apply (use DelayStrafe!).
pin Stick to the side of the target, same consideration as behind apply (use DelayStrafe!).
front Stick to the front arc of the target.

If you have HoTT and lose aggro you will not spin.

This will not work by default without HoTT.
(ANY STICK VALUES) always When current target is lost, will wait and then resume sticking using supplied values upon next NPC targeted. Does not work with stick hold or stick id.
snaproll left | right | face | rear Runs in a straight line behind your target then turns to face.

Left/Right/Front of target if optional parameter direction supplied.

Rear is default.
breakontarget | breakongate |

breakonwarp | pauseonwarp |

randomize | delaystrafe |

useback | usefleeing |

strafewalk | mindelay # |

maxdelay # | backupdist # |

breakdist # | snapdist # | !frontarc # | behindarc #
These are common parameters in MQ2MoveUtils that are shared with other commands. Read the "Plugin Settings" section for an explanation of these parameters.
mod # | -# Modify stick distance by the supplied amount (does not turn stick on).


Command Description
/stick 10 Sticks to target to keep you within 10 radius.
/stick status Shows current settings of your stick.
/stick behind 10 Sticks you behind target at 10 radius.
/stick hold Sticks to current target even if target changes.
/stick loose Makes your stick look more human like.
/stick underwater Makes you look vertically at your target.
/stick 120 healer Does not do face adjustments, keeps in 120 range.

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