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Combat Assist IHCEnch.mac 1.2.1

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Other Authors
Noobhax0r, Maskoi, Ctaylor, Treehuggindruid, Devstator
Software Requirements
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ihcsubs.inc (1.0)
ihcenchmez.inc (1.0)
ihcenchutil.inc (1.0)
Server Type
🏢 Live Test

2018 ESA Winner
Welcome to IHCEnch the Automatic Enchanter Assistant!
IHCEnch is a combination of code borrowed ( with permission ) from both the automacro's and kissassist that has been heavily modified by me :)

IHCEnch is meant to be a "point and shoot" enchanter assistant and yet allow a lot of customization.
What you can expect with an out of the box config:
Mezing: Highest priority is here. Nothing else is going to happen until everything is CC'd. If more than 1 mob is in 100 units and on aggro its getting CC'd. AE mez will be used if 3 or more mobs. Up to 13 mobs can be CC'd
Debuffing: Buff stripping, if the ma's target has a buff it will be stripped, the mob will be tash'd then slowed
DPS: For now just some basic nuking, I find this most efficient in fast xp groups.
Burn: If there is 3 or more mobs or a Named it will start a burn, this includes dps and support AA's and a spell set for twincast nuking and DoT use
Buff: Standard self hp buff/rune's, Group mana regen and haste, Aura's, NET. Combat AA's. Supports buff requests with tell ( ask for haste or voice )
Aggro Management: deaggro abilities, stasis, doppleganger, punts
Mana Management: Automed, use Gather or Crystals

I try and write my mac's to be as fast as possible and with this mac comes the ability to performance tune through some of the customization options. The out of the box config is meant for general use in current content but if your slaughetring lower lvl content or your group is just bad ass cc'ing to few mobs may be worthless, same with wasting time debuffing, play with the options to fit your style! A few options/commands below are marked with ***, these are some of the options that make this mac most powerful

Mezing: Turn it on/off. Set how may mobs are needed to even bother to start mezing. Set how many mobs to start using AE mez. Set Mez range. Set Min/Max Level to CC and HP% to stop CC at.
Debuffing: Each can be toggled on/off
DPS: DoT spells can be toggled on for more dps ( fairly high mana use )
Burn: Set the mob count higher or lower to trigger auto burning, on demand burn, or burn always mode to cycle all AA as they become available.

IHCEnch has all the same requirements / dependencies as the auto mac's so your going to need a copy of autosubs.inc Attached at the bottom.

1. Set first slot of Extended Target 1 to AUTO!
2. Setting a Group Assist Role

NOTE: Very limited support for non 105+ lvl characters....I'm working on it
-Mez and Debuff are the most refined and should work very well, DPS Burn Buff Aggro and Mana many need some work

Target your main assist and type /mac ihcench and watch it keep shit real! If you just want an Enchanter merc your pretty much done!
Play with the ini settings or commands (type /ihchelp with the mac running for a list) for more!

an ini file will be created in your macro's folder named IHCEnch_YourCharacterName.ini
there are a few options that can be set described below, some default values are supplied:

Configuration settings ** = New
FollowToonName=NULL Character Name to chase
UseFellowship=0 Use campfire
UseMelee=0 Melee use...not implemented
UsePet=1 Turn on/off pet use
BurnAlways=0 Burn all the time as spells/abilities become available
BurnMobCount=3 Sets the number of targets to Start auto burn Recommend a higher setting in easier content
InstantRelease=0 Instant release on death?
**AutoCampHold=0 - toggles always returning to /camphere /loc x y after combat otherwise you must be outside /campradius before a return happens
**AutoCampRadius=30 - Radius around /camphere loc considered "in camp"
AutoAssistAt=98 Sets Mob HP% to start attacking at - Controls dps priority
AssistRange=100 How far away the target can be to Attack. DPS and Debuffing depend on this distance
**UseSmartAssist=1 - toggles waiting till a mob is in melee range of the MA before engaging even if below assist % on incoming
DoMed=0 Turn on/off automatic medding
MedPct=80 % Mana to start medding at; DoMed must be set to 1 to work
**EndMedPct=80 - % Endurance to start medding at /tglmed must be On to start medding
UseDicho=0 Turns use of Dicho spell On/Off during dps routine - Can be mana intensive
**UseCharmPet=0 - Toggles use of Charm
**CharmMinLvl=1 - Minimum level a mob can be to consider worth charming
**CharmPreStun=1 - stun before charming mob, seperate from mob debuffing
**CharmPreTash=1 - tash before charming mob, seperate from mob debuffing
AutoDebuffAt=98 Sets Mob HP% to start debuffing at - Controls debuff priority - These 2 settings can be used to fine tune debuffing first THEN Dps'ing or Mixing debuffing and dps if both are turned on
DoTash=1 Turns Tash Debuff On/Off
DoSlow=0 Turns Slow Debuff On/Off
**DoCripple=0 Turns Cripple Debuff On/Off
**DoBlurr=0 Turns Bluring of mobs On/Off
StripBuffs=1 Turns Enemy Buff stripping On/Off
DoDPS=1 Turns ALL DPS On/Off
UseDoTs=0 Turns use of DoT spells On/Off
MezOn=1 Turns Mez On/Off - This being on will slow down the dps/debuff routines BIG time depending on how the below options are set to start Mezzing. CC is Job #1 period
MezAnnounce=1 Turns Target Mez Messages On/Off - Sends mez announcements to EQBC if connected otherwise it echo's to the enchanters window
MezStartCount=2 Sets # of mobs needed on aggro to start mezzing at *** 2 mobs a piece of cake but 3 gets sketchy? this is where you decide when to start getting things under control
MezAECount=3 Sets # of mobs needed on aggro and in range to AE Mez *** set this # high to skip AE mez and just single target mez
MezRadius=100 Radius for mobs to be in to start Mezing - Effects Mezing only
MezMinLevel=70 Minimum Level a mob must be to Mez - Below this lvl are ignored
MezMaxLevel=108 Maximum Level a mob must be to Mez - Above this lvl are ignored +++If set to 0 or higher than the memed spell can mez in the ini it will be autodetected based on spell limit
MezStopHPs=80 Mob HP% to stop trying to mez
**MaxMezCount=13 - Maximum # of mobs to CC ( Default is 13 ) ***

**UPDATED Feb 11th 2018**
Minor bug fix for an undeclared variable version 1.2.1

**UPDATED Feb 4th 2018**
TLP Support is here! Lots of rewrites to hopefully fix spell meming issues. Xtarget not needed for mezing
First post updated

**UPDATED Feb 4th 2018**
Released Feb 4th 2018
Version 1.2
Release Notes: Lots of changes, re-writes and additions
-Added spells for all levels. Hoping this should work from level 1 to max
-Added Charm - I never played with my enchanter doing this....its pretty damn cool!
-Its still experimental and performance is impacted by a lot of options....if mez is on and all the pre abilities ( stun, tash ) its gonna take a minute before it charms. Turn em all off and its pretty quick
-Lots of new commands and documentation. See the ** items above
-Added always returning to camp loc x y after combat and not just if you exceeded AutoCampRadius with /campexact in game or AutoCampHold in the ini. This was already in the ini but did nothing!
-Camp Radius is now in your ini and is adjustable and can be saved. You could change it before but the changes never saved so it had to be changed every time you started the mac.
-Added memblur use
-Added cripple use
-Added smartassist.....not fully functional for spell combat yet.
Released Feb 4th 2018
Version 1.0
Release Notes:Initial release. Handles the variables, spells, spell sets and commands of the mac

Released Feb 4th 2018
Version 1.0
Release Notes:Initial release. Mez and Mob searching for CC and Charm. Big re-write of how mobs are searched for and kept track of. Unlocks the 13 target limit of using xtarget. Big impact on search and check speed of mobs in camp.

Released Feb 4th 2018
Version 1.0
Release Notes:Initial release. This was autosubs, some are the same but most are modified or replaced. Handles common variables, commands and utility functions like targeting, casting, spell meming, etc.

Questions, Comments, Bugs, Suggestions are all welcome here!
Enjoy! :toot:
First release
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This is beautiful work - I appreciate the effort that went into making this function as flawless as it does!
This is absolutely amazing. Running the enchie with this has been flawless for 3 days straight. Thank you!!!!