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GTFO.mac - be kind to strangers

Unmaintained GTFO.mac - be kind to strangers 3.01

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Other Authors
Maxranor, Maskoi, gSe7eN, Knightly
Software Requirements
MQ2Cast (Recommended)
MQ2Nav (Recommended)
MQ2MoveUtils (Recommended)
MQ2Autoloot (Recommended)
MQ2Melee (Optional, Used for rogues :OnExit)

Fellowship Registration Insignia
Server Type
🏢 Live 🏘️ Emu TLP Test
GTFO! is for those who want to kindly give up their camp to strangers quickly and effortlessly. It's compatible with every macro (e.g. KissAssist, AutoCleric, AFNuke, etc.) When a stranger is within a certain radius, (as detected by MQ2Posse) members of your group will give up the camp. Your group will then either exit, or wait for a period and then return.


A fellowship insignia on each character (set kissassist to auto-set a campfire)
MQ2AutoLoot (to vendor loot)


Your group has a campfire up and is grinding away, but then strangers enter the zone and walk near your group. Your characters run to your druid who quickly ports everyone to Lavastorm. After waiting for a period and vendoring items, your group uses their fellowship insignia to gate back to the campfire and if the strangers have left, continue grinding.

GTFO! is made to work with MQ2Posse, which you should skim over prior to configuring this macro. Here's how to get them working together:

  1. Edit MQ2Posse.ini in your MQ2 Release (aka root) folder. If it doesn't exist or your characters names aren't listed, type /posse on and then /posse save in-game on each and every character.
  2. For the PlayerName_Commands section on each character, add the following:
    Rich (BB code):
    1=/mac GTFO
  3. Place GTFO.mac in your Release/Macros folder.
  4. Create the GTFO.ini. The easiest way to do this is to connect all of your characters to EQBC, type "/bcaa //mac gtfo". You'll see some spam/errors, then type "/bcaa //endmac".
  5. Edit GTFO.ini in your Release/Macros folder. You should see something like this on each character:
    ReturnHow=Fellowship Registration Insignia
Edit those settings to your liking on each character, and you're all set!

  • What do the .ini settings mean?
    • DoIPort: Should this character port or not? If you have a druid or wizard to evac the group, set this to "false" except on the caster.
    • PortHow: Enter the spell, item, or ability
    • KeepPlaying: If you want your character to attempt to return to the camp after sleeping. If false, it will exit.
    • VendorItems: After porting, will vendor your loot using MQ2AutoLoot if a vendor is near.
    • Sleep: # of minutes to wait to return.
    • ReturnHow: item, spell, or ability that will return you to the camp
    • MacroOnReturn: what macro to run upon returning?
    • GroupMainAssist: Which character to target when running the macro
    • Retry: number of times to port back and check if the camp is still occupied before exiting.
  • What's a fellowship? How do I get one?
    Here's a quick guide: fellowship with an active campfire. Personally, I have one of my toons place campfires automatically in KissAssist.

  • How do I adjust the trigger range?
    1. edit mq2posse.ini and change Radius + ZRadius for each character
    2. edit each character's kissassist.ini and set "AFKPCRadius". Make it the same as MQ2Posse's Radius.
    3. All character's radius settings must match.
  • How do I set up eqbc?
    1. right-click the macroquest2 icon in your taskbar, and select "start eqbc server"
    2. if it pops up, select "standalone". You should now see a black window with white text.
    3. on each character, type "/plugin mq2eqbc" and "/bccmd connect". That's it.
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