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GTFO.mac - be kind to strangers

Utility GTFO.mac - be kind to strangers 3.01

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As you all know by now, I don't run an SK in my group. Forgive me.

Please give redcents for the SK fix to Knightly:

Older updates:

05/25/2018: GTFO 3.0! Near complete rewrite by gse7en, the macro is now smaller and does much more. Features: vendor items with mq2autoloot, port with whatever item/spell you wish, return with whatever item/spell you wish.

07/12/2017: Bug found and fixed by gse7en: GTFO would assume the campfire was in the same zone as caster's evac.

09/23/2016: GTFO 2.0 is here! Now supports different macros for all characters, support for all wacky group configs like pet tanks and cleric pullers, variables for many settings, no more triggering in your evac zone even if players are around, checks multiple times to make sure your group is together, and breaks invis before using the insignia (thanks Hanlon).

03/13/2015: Fixed a bug that was crashing when gtfo started up kissassist (or any other macro.)

11/25/2014: Lots! The keepplaying=true option allows your group to campfire back & return to grinding after 15 minutes, thanks to Dutch_SK's suggestion. Added several failsafe checks for this feature - if a character dies directly before or during the evac, goes linkdead, isn't in zone (thanks Maxranor), or GTFO is triggering too often, it will /exit rather than restart grinding. Added support for macros other than KissAssist based on character.