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Macro - Summon SNACKS 1.2

Oct 4, 2019
drwhomphd submitted a new resource:

Summon SNACKS - Snaccccckkkkksssss

This macro is a very simple macro that you would run on a Magician. If I expanded the logic you could certainly run it on a Cleric or any other character that can summon food and drink. The magician will summon food and drink for each member of the group and hand it to them.

Limitation: Does not take into account fizzles. Assumes your group is spread out enough so that trades can work.

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Oct 4, 2019
drwhomphd updated Summon SNACKS with a new update entry:

Version 1.1 - Minor Fixes/Enahncements

Unloads mq2cast if it was only loaded by Summon Snacks
Makes sure the remote character accepts the trade request via a Dannet or EQBC message depending on which mq2 plugin is loaded
Added preliminary fizzle checking that should re-cast the summon spell if it fizzles (unchecked)

To Do:
There's still an occasional bug that needs to be squashed for the item to be traded isn't found in time and a -1 item not found error is displayed.
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