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Question - Script advice for 6-box team (1 Viewer)


Nihil ᛗ
May 5, 2016
Hi guys,

My box team is: SK, Necro, Bard, Mag, Enc and cleric - and was wondering what the best setup for scripts are for this?

My thoughts are: MQ2Cleric and MQ2Enchanter

But what to the best scripts for the rest?
there are lots of very good options out there

since you mentioned mq2cleric and mq2enchanter, there is also mq2eskay for shadowknights

for bard, mage, and necro you could look at RGMercs if you want a minimal setup, or kissassist or muleassist if you want to make your own ini or use one from the library
Oct 5, 2020
I use the CWTN plugins for all my toons when available. For others I prefer RG mercs for while I am leveling and grinding AA because it will adapt and grow with you. Get a new spells and AA? RGMerc will use it. If you are using KISS you need to edit your ini file as you level and gain AA and that can be tedious. For my bard, he is max level and max AA so I have a good KISS ini that I use for him.
Mar 19, 2019
Disclaimer: I help to maintain rgmerc rogue (sometimes).

I use KA for all of the above (but never bothered with necro past 110), generally just using other people's ini's and customising where I need/want. For melee (non tank) I use rgmercs or cwtn plugins.

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