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Combat Assist MQ2Cleric 2575

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Software Requirements
Redguides Level 2 membership to access up to date Macroquest from --Redguides ONLY--
MQ2Nav (included with VV)
MQ2MoveUtils (included with VV)
Server Type
🏢 Live Test

2020 ESA Winner
Redguides Exclusive - NO, this won't work on the other guy's build.

MQ2Cleric Window as of Jan 01 2021
First release
Last update
5.00 star(s) 28 ratings

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Latest updates

  1. 06/03/2024

    - Moved Puratus to its own group - - you can byos if you want to use this - - otherwise we'll...
  2. 03/21/2024

    - No longer try and heal your MA's sad, sorry corpse with Focused Celestial Regeneration - - Rip
  3. 02/14/2024

    - Added ability to heal npc on xtarget - - options: XTargetHealNPC (true/false) & HealNPC (#)...

Latest reviews

Flawless work!
Have been using several of the class (zerk, rog, pal, shd, clr, bst) plugins for a week or so now and have seen solid improvements to DPS, survivability, and overall ease of use for my teams. I never knew that my teams had this potential that was just waiting to be unlocked! I have been able to finish content that I was getting slaughtered on before the class plugins.
So good, works flawlessly! While hunting named, I would almost die every fight. Now, I never really go below 70% health. Same gear on my toons, just with an awesome Cleric plugin. Thanks guys, now I feel comfortable trying more difficult content.
Highly recommended, customizable playstyle between dedicated healer and hybrid dps, totally worth the money!
Have been using pretty much all of the available CWTN plugs for almost a year now (with exception of WAR and MNK, but they are next). These are phenomenal! I cannot fathom the amount of time and work that must have been, and continues to be, put into each of these. Not to mention the pretty much live support from the developers and community. Bravo and Thank you!
This is what I was looking for the whole time.
All of the sudden, my group is staying alive. I never even knew it was possible to be so good.
Used in conjunction with an SK. My tank never drops unless I do something really stupid in which mechanics wouldn't be able to fix. Works great. (Yes, I'm lazy and haven't done my 2.0)
Brilliant, bought this today and it makes life so much easier. I might have to treat myself to some of the others!
Another great CWTN plugin. Thanks to CWTN and Sic. I love how you don't have to mess with config files. It just works out of the box!