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Combat Assist MQ2Cleric 156

Other Authors
Software Requirements
Redguides Level 2 membership to access up to date Macroquest from --Redguides ONLY--
MQ2Nav (included with VV)
MQ2MoveUtils (included with VV)
Server Type
  1. Live
  2. Emu
  3. Test Server

2020 ESA Winner
Redguides Exclusive - NO, this won't work on the other guy's build.

MQ2Cleric Window as of Jan 01 2021
First release
Last update
5.00 star(s) 20 ratings

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Latest updates

  1. Jan-17-2022

    Some of these already were active, now that RG is building directly, we should be able to keep...
  2. 12/06/2021

    - Fixed a bad spelling with contravention lineup that was introduced last patch. - Low...
  3. 20211117

    - Will no longer try and splash if we don't have LoS on our splash target. - Added...

Latest reviews

Brilliant, bought this today and it makes life so much easier. I might have to treat myself to some of the others!
Another great CWTN plugin. Thanks to CWTN and Sic. I love how you don't have to mess with config files. It just works out of the box!
Thank you
You're welcome!
What there isnt a button to add 5 more stars? This Add on is worth its weight in gold! What are you waiting for?
Wow load it and AUTO does rest will get rest plugins soon this way roll.
Foggetabouidit...I love my clerics before...now i FRAKKING love them. It is that good
Does an absolutely awesome job!
Much more responsive, best way to go from zero to 100 with your crew. Raid's really well to.....
Awesome! get this and I promise you will be amazed! My favorite hands down....
My boxed cleric is no longer just heal bot. Great job!