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Combat Assist Shaman Healer 1.3

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Software Requirements
mq2cast, mq2sqlite
Server Type
This is a non stop Shaman Healer. Its INI driven to work with 90+. At 95 it can chain heal non stop. At 100 you get Swells for Massive AE healing. At 101 you get Roar of the Lion added ect...
Its a Single target healer that will cast a Frostbitten Gift (Line Spell) and then Squall (Line Spell) when Twincast buff is on. It will Canni when needed and continue to heal.
It performs very well. Great for group or Xtarget Healing. ** Does NOT auto target for you**

At 110 It casts the following Spells / Abilities:
1. Frostbitten Gift
2. Spiritual Squall
3. Reckless Rejuvenation
4. Reckless Regeneration
5. Dissident Roar
6. Cannibalization

If you do not have a target selected it goes into a pause mode. Once you re-target someone, it starts up again.
First release
Last update
5.00 star(s) 1 ratings

Latest updates

  1. Version 1.3 Now with DB support

    *** mq2sqlite plugin required in new version *** Added DB support for loading of Spells...
  2. 1.21 Re-post no changes. Download link was broken.

    Re-post no changes. Download link was broken.
  3. Frost Line Combat Check. With INI :)

    Added a combat check for frost line spells. Included ini for download this time.

Latest reviews

Does very nice fit my playstyle. Does not work like an automatic bot, but helps you doing your job, if you feel a little lazy tonight.