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Combat Assist Shaman Healer 1.3

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*** mq2sqlite plugin required in new version ***
Added DB support for loading of Spells. Cleaned up the code sped up the mac (not that it needed it, but hey striving for perfection).

You will need to download the DB file, the old .ini is not used in the new mac.
Re-post no changes. Download link was broken.
Added a combat check for frost line spells. Included ini for download this time.
Fixed a /echo count # error.

Maths are tough!!!
1. Cleaned up the code some.
2. Removed the Holding Spam. You will only get told 1 time now when holding for a target.
3. Added support for level 90 + (best to be 95+). This is ini driven for spell selection. At 95 it can chain heal non stop. At 100 you get Swells for Massive AE healing. At 101 you get Roar of the Lion added

You need both files to run.
Mac = shamanheal.mac
ini = shamanheallist.ini