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Utility PoKScribe 7-3-2021

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Other Authors
Sym, Kaen01, Chatwiththisname
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🏢 Live 🏘️ Emu TLP Test
Getting my feet a little wetter with macros. I decided to edit the amazing scribe.mac by @Sym and make it travel to PoK (with some @kaen01 code), and cycle through vendors (with some @ChatWithThisName code), and got some working experience with getting a macro from idea to functional.

This update should also fix the sometimes-occurrence of missing spells with the @eqmule TLO addition of ${Merchant.ItemsReceived} ensuring all vendor items are loaded before doing the buy routine

I am on the greener side of learning, so I expect there are better ways to do things, but I have used this for several toons and despite having a bit of trepidation about sharing this with some of the amazing coders around here --- here it is.

Please let me know if there are any errors with the class vendor names, or any other room for improvement.

Thank you to @Sym, @kaen01, @ChatWithThisName - without your existing code and guidance, and ear, starting from zero would be an even more daunting task, I am truly grateful.
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Latest reviews

Fantastic, works as advertised.
Macro does everything it says. Then it goes and scribes the spells in random spots in the spell book. At lvl 39 I used this on my SK for the first time and I now have spells scribed in my spell book from page 5-89. Why would it be scribing stuff at page 89?
it is actually eq scribing it in place, we don't manually place it anywhere in your book.
Great macro, it does get bugged for some reason now if a spell is in that slot.
Major time saver this macro is. Thank you! May I make a comment though, when it is going thru to the different vendors and buying spells it will buy everything but it will scribe spells in the very back of my spell book instead of scribing them page by page . Any fix to this? Thank you
it is just scribing the spell as a player right clicking on the spell would - it isn't choosing any place to scribe them
This saves so much time while multi-boxing, you are awesome!
This plugin is like /mac scribe but does all the vendors.
Absolutely my most favorite macro!