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Utility PoKScribe 2019-07-11

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Curlyboi Vs. YOU - Curlyboi always win
Fixed Reaver Praden's name
I *swear* I checked all these names multiple times :( (but it took VorpalChicken to find the mistake!)
Unfortunately Channeler Larklord has been a badlad and got demoted, he is now "Channeler Larkord"

Thanks @Multichar for the catch
Updated a couple of the Merchant.ItemReceived delays to ensure good flow in the macro, and to ensure people with slower connection or low server response time still was able to have good response - while using early out conditions to ensure expedient response =D
Increased the delay waiting for the merchant items to populate (request by Kaen) - I misunderstood how that delay functioned, so this is much more userfriendly

there was also a ' when there needed to be an ` in one of the names!
4/15/19 - updated some merchant name spelling errors, added comments for future updates
learnin from my mistakes!
Removed some vestigial code