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Quest / Event Neriakwine.mac 1.0

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The other day I read a post and people talked about doing red wines in west freeport.
That is all well and good, if you are, good. But what if you are not, and perhaps a shade of blue?

There is this (Bottle of Red Wine) quest in Neriak Third gate.
As I continue to learn the macro codes, I attach for all, a short script that will do that quest.

Takes advantage of the "buy.inc" includes code, and also the mq2nav run around plugins.

Obviously dodgy code by yours truly. :xd:

No, seriously now. If you are not already in "Neriak - Third Gate" it will try to use the "/travelto" code and get you there.
Once in the zone, if you have no Red Red Wines, it will go to Katara L`Crit and buy some ( 4! ) from her.
Lastly, it then goes to Lokar To`Biath for the turn ins.

The code could be better, some subs, some more conditionals, e.g. bag space? coins?
Use a command line parameter, to detail how many wine to use, instead of only 4.

The Learning

first things first, the quest npc has a bones friend pet.
/target "Lokar To`Biath"
Great, but often gave the pet. No good for hand ins!
/target npc "Lokar To`Biath"

Next was the vendors, and this was a game of two parts.
Looking at EQTraders, it said several npc had red wine for sale in the zone.
  • Grazis L`Crit @ 703, -1472, -64, Upstairs in Cuisine Excelsior
  • Katara L`Crit @ 701, -1474, -78, Inside Cuisine Excelsior
  • Yally G`Noir @ 763, -1512, -78, Inside The Rack
  • Belyea K`Jartan @ 864, -1424, -106, Downstairs in The Maiden's Fancy
  • Cecile K`Jartan @ 910, -1413, -78, In The Maiden's Fancy
Standing by the turn in, I did /target and made a note of the distance in that target window.
  • Grazis L`Crit, 290
  • Katara L`Crit, 293
  • Yally G`Noir, 289
  • Belyea K`Jartan, 177
  • Cecile K`Jartan, 160
Not so bad, Belyea anc Cecile sound like contenders for back and forth trips. The others arent that much different either.
Its one things for a direct line distance between target and me, but what about the actual travel path. From reading KissAssist code, I recall "Navigation.PathLength".
Threw in a few /echo ${Navigation.PathLength[id ${Spawn[Grazis L`Crit].ID} ]}
(change the name to each possible vendor!)
  • Grazis L`Crit, 361
  • Katara L`Crit, 357
  • Yally G`Noir, 389
  • Belyea K`Jartan, 551
  • Cecile K`Jartan, 450
Therefore, Katara was selected as the vendor to use.

When it came to holding the script while running around the zone, I wasnt sure on the best so tried to cover the bases.
${Navigation.Active} || ${Me.Moving} || ${Navigation.PathLength[id ${Spawn[Lokar To`Biath].ID} ]} >10
there were a couple of points encounter doors. Its one thing for nav to open them, but sometimes the character is running on the spot for a couple seconds or so.

As this was about getting some experience, I looked at the details for the current exp ( ${Me.PctExp} ) and what it changed to after wine was turned in.
From this, a single red wine at level 4 gave ~ 0.18% increase. At level 5, that lowered to ~ 0.11% increase.
A little bit of change from 7s for a red wine, makes this a very pricey venture!

I noticed there were faction changes, and dabbled with the events. I was interested in the idea of reporting faction but couldnt see information to look it up.

Lastly, when it came to the turn in of red wine I have been used to doing singles on P99.
Accepting that on live, some quest rules, stack rules etc have all been changed.

Shift clicking, Control clicking was funny. Especially when I did a right click instead of a left click, and started work on Alcohol Tolerance instead.
Settled with: /ctrl /itemnotify "Red Wine" leftmouseup
to pluck a red wine out of the inventory, and hold on cursor.
/click left target
That gives cursor item to the already selected npc target (Lokar To`Biath).
Or rather, the npc trade "give" window is opened, and the cursor item is placed in it.
/notify GiveWnd GVW_Give_Button leftmouseup
Action the button to complete the trade with the npc.

It is likely possible, to iterate over another 3 times, "if have more wine - give" so all 4 trade boxes are occupied before closing the window.

Regards and Best Wishes
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