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Utility MQ2CustomBinds

Other Authors
Amadeus, eqmule, BigDorf, Knightly
Included in Very Vanilla
Very Vanilla Included! No need to download.
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🏢 Live 🏘️ Emu TLP Test

Wiki Manual
This plugin allows you to specify custom commands that are executed when specific key combinations are pressed. You may specify a command for when the key is pressed (down), and another for when it is released (up).

/custombind [ list ] | [add|delete] <bindname> | [set|clear] <bindname>[-down|-up] [command]This command is used to add, delete, list or change custom key bindings. You'll also need to /bind a key.
/custombind list - Lists all your custom bind names and commands (the key combinations must be set using /bind)
/custombind add bindname - Add a new bind called bindname ready for use.
/custombind delete bindname - Remove the custom bind bindname.
/custombind clear name[-down|-up] - This will clear a specific command for a custom bind. If -up or -down is not specified it defaults to -down.
/custombind set bindname[-down|-up] - Will set a specific command for a custom bind. This too defaults to -down if not specified.

NOTE: MQ2's very first bind command is "RANGED" so you do not need to do this, it is just listed here as an example

/custombind add mybind
/custombind set mybind /ranged
/bind mybind n

Example of using down and up
/custombind add echotest
/custombind set echotest-down /echo n key is down!
/custombind set echotest-up /echo n key is up!
/bind echotest n
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Latest updates

  1. MQ2CustomBinds Now defaults to INI file format for bind name/up/down information.

    Via: https://gitlab.com/redguides/VeryVanilla/-/merge_requests/423 There was a change request...