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Combat Assist MQ2XAssist 1.3

Other Authors
eqmule, drwhomphd, brainiac, dannuic, Knightly
Included in Very Vanilla
Very Vanilla Included! No need to download.
Server Type
Live, TLP, Test Server
This manual could use some help. Editing is open to all Level 2 users, please contribute if you use MQ2XAssist.

Basically this plugin adds a couple of options to the /xtarget command.
The most important being the ability to add mobs by their ID instead of just their name.

muleassist uses this plugin if it's assisting a character outside of its group. Just target the MA of the other group and start kiss as assist or tank, it wont matter, then the other guys in your group can assist you as their MA.

  1. Load the plugin by typing /plugin MQ2XAssist


Display commands

/xtarget set <slot> <player_name>

Assign a player or NPC to a slot. Example:
/xtarget set 3 Ladon

/xtarget set <slot> <role>

Assign a role to a slot. Example:
/xtarget set 3 grouptank

/xtarget show on/off

Toggle the Extended Targets window

/xtarget target <slot>

Select a target at a specific slot. Example:
/xtarget 7

/xtarget auto on/off

Toggle auto-hater-targeting. Example:
/xtarget auto on

/xtarget add

will add current target to your next available slot

/xtarget remove

will remove the last added target

/xtarget remove target

will remove targeted player from slots not using rolls


XAssist.XTFullHaterCount - returns all auto haters including the one that is being targeted
XAssist.XTXAggroCount[#] - allows the aggro range to be expanded to 1000 for situations where someone wants to check the >=100 aggro values. # is the aggro value provided.
First release
Last update
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Latest updates

  1. major code cleanup

    Remove version information from header. This is what git history is for. Disable DEBUGXASSIST...
  2. dynamic!

    Added Dynamic setting of xtarget so it only uses unused auto hater slots
  3. New TLO's

    Two new TLO's: XTFullHaterCount and XTAggroCount. These provide alternatives to the core MQ2...