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mq2utiilty.ini - To hold unique system info for macro development

Work in Progress mq2utiilty.ini - To hold unique system info for macro development 1.0

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I've been experimenting on a few things in the very little I get to not semi-AFK my toons. In order to manage things between computers and such, I kept finding I wanted to be able to access things outside the macro folder. That meant in a macro format, that file pathing had to be edited to match each unique computer configuration. I came up with MQ2UTILITY.ini as my solution. This file is just an ini file, nothing special however here, I can edit specific information as datafields to pull from and used in macro's. This way macro's could be written in a consistent uniform way and used on any computer without editing the macro for unique information.

As an example, say I wanted to ready and right login information to my mq2autologin.ini file (actually made and posting in another thread shortly). Well, you can if you put the full path to it in the macro.

ie. C:\Gamestuff\mq2\

Then you put it on another computer and low and behold, it was installed differently. Crap, now I have to edit it and change to it's path.

ie. E:\Gametools\Everquest\MacroQuest\

Sure we can edit each macro each time you have that circumstance or, we use the mq2utility.ini file to hold those system informations for us and pull it as needed. I edit the file on the unique computer initially and then going forward, it's done, I don't edit my macros anymore. You can have it hold system paths if you want like I'm showing here, mapped network drives (think about one spot for all KISS ini files to pull from) etc. You can also use it for another category of your choosing for something silly that you hold information on outside your macro but don't want another ini file for whatever reason. Possibilities are only limited by what you need for the application at hand. I have three different things I was trying to do that I found myself constantly editing that just having this simply solved it with a single edit per computer instead of 3 times on each of 4 computers. It just looks something like this:

Rich (BB code):
|     MQ2utility.ini is just a place to put repeatedly used information that may vary from one persons computer to another.
|     This will allow you to write macro's using a standard coding format for things that may fall outside the macro
|     directory and would require pathing information for the computer it is currently on. Possible ideas being reading
|     and writing to the mq2autologin.ini to add and remove characters, copying eqclient.ini information for video settings
|     from the seasson you're in to another characters eqclient.ini file or maybe to have a central location for KISS characters
|     INI files as masters on a network to pull from. Use this file for any of those quarky things you may need and have no
|     where readily available to put them locally.

EQPath=C:\Users\Public\Daybreak Game Company\Installed Games\EverQuest\
MQ2Path=E:\Game Tools\Redguides MQ2 Release\


Not sure if anyone else has needs like these or if this is helpful but sharing because it works for me and maybe it will for someone else!

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