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getfellowship.mac - Get your fellowship insignia by Rustycat

Utility getfellowship.mac - Get your fellowship insignia by Rustycat 1.0

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All, here's a small macro that just runs you from the PoK port in over to get their fellowship insignia. Useful when making new characters to run them over, get the fellowship and then sits in the corner like they were punished. Not a big deal, just useful. :)

Rich (BB code):
| getfellowship.mac by Rustycat for RedGuides.com community
| Simply macro that takes a character freshly ported into PoKnowledge
| and runs them to Randall to get the fellowship insignia then sits
| in the corner awaiting you to take about from there.


Sub Main

		/moveto loc -489, 1171
	/if (${MoveTo.Moving} || ${Me.Moving}) /goto :checkpoint1
		/moveto loc -477, 439
	/if (${MoveTo.Moving} || ${Me.Moving}) /goto :checkpoint2

		/moveto loc -189, 200
	/if (${MoveTo.Moving} || ${Me.Moving}) /goto :checkpoint3

		/moveto loc -180, 150
	/if (${MoveTo.Moving} || ${Me.Moving}) /goto :checkpoint4
		/moveto loc -10, 143
	/if (${MoveTo.Moving} || ${Me.Moving}) /goto :checkpoint5
		/moveto loc 235, 63
	/if (${MoveTo.Moving} || ${Me.Moving}) /goto :checkpoint6
		/moveto loc 349, 72
	/if (${MoveTo.Moving} || ${Me.Moving}) /goto :checkpoint7
| Door here to open
	/doortarget POKDOOR503
	/click left door
	/delay 20
		/moveto loc 436, 65
	/if (${MoveTo.Moving} || ${Me.Moving}) /goto :checkpoint8

| Hail Randall here
	/target randall
	/say how
	/delay 5
		/moveto loc 427, 41
	/if (${MoveTo.Moving} || ${Me.Moving}) /goto :checkpoint9
		/moveto loc 363, 43
	/if (${MoveTo.Moving} || ${Me.Moving}) /goto :checkpoint10
	/echo Have insignia pendant for fellowship and done
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