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Add2Login.mac - Add and Remove info for MQ2AutoLogin.ini

Add2Login.mac - Add and Remove info for MQ2AutoLogin.ini 1.0

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add2login.mac by Rustycat

This is a simple add and remove login you can run within your game session. You launch the macro with your password as a parameter when adding or with "remove" if taking it out of your mq2autologin.ini.

If you want to add the current character you are logged into as part of your MQ2AutloLogin.ini for future automated login's, you run as follows:

/mac add2login.mac <password>

If you want to remove the current character so it doesn't autologin in the future, you do the same thing but use the word "remove" instead of your password as follows:

/mac add2login.mac remove

*Note I have this macro written using the mq2utility.ini in order to pull the proper computer pathing to reach the mq2autologin.ini file. It pulls from the [Paths] category for the macroquest folder location. You either edit the mq2utility.ini file to put your unique computer path to the macroquest folder, or you have change the value to manually in the macro to your path. mq2utility.ini is also attached to this thread with the macro. You can read up on it here mq2utility.ini

add2login.mac code:
Rich (BB code):
|    Add2login.mac by Rustycat
|    Simple macro to run from in game to add the current character to or remove from
|    MQ2AutoLogin's ini file. This allows you to add
|    Run examples: /mac Add2login.mac <password> add or /mac Add2login remove


Sub Main

    /declare    zzautologinfile    string    outer
    /declare    zzloginname        string    outer    ${MacroQuest.LoginName}
    /declare    zzloginpw        string    outer  
    /declare    zzserver        string    outer    ${MacroQuest.Server}
|    ***Value configured using mq2utility.ini file, you can endit with your absolute pathing
|    if you do not want to use the mq2utility.ini file concept.

    /varset        zzautologinfile    ${Ini[mq2utility.ini,Paths,MQ2Path]}\MQ2AutoLogin.ini
    /varset        zzloginpw    ${Param0}

|    ***Checking to make sure required pw or remove parameter included***
    /if (${zzloginpw.Equal[NULL]}) {
                /echo    Invalid password, try again adding the PW next time.
    /if (${zzloginpw.Equal[Remove]}) {
                /call Remove
|    ***Writing to the mq2autologin.ini file with needed character information.***

    /ini    "${zzautologinfile}"    "${zzloginname}"    Password    "${zzloginpw}"
    /ini    "${zzautologinfile}"    "${zzloginname}"    Server        "${zzserver}"
    /ini    "${zzautologinfile}"    "${zzloginname}"    Character    "${Me.Name}"

Sub Remove

|    ***Removing the login information from mq2autologin.ini file***
    /echo Removing login information
    /ini    "${zzautologinfile}"    "${zzloginname}"    Password    ""
    /ini    "${zzautologinfile}"    "${zzloginname}"    Server        ""
    /ini    "${zzautologinfile}"    "${zzloginname}"    Character    ""


Rich (BB code):
|     MQ2utility.ini is just a place to put repeatedly used information that may vary from one persons computer to another.
|     This will allow you to write macro's using a standard coding format for things that may fall outside the macro
|     directory and would require pathing information for the computer it is currently on. Possible ideas being reading
|     and writing to the mq2autologin.ini to add and remove characters, copying eqclient.ini information for video settings
|     from the seasson you're in to another characters eqclient.ini file or maybe to have a central location for KISS characters
|     INI files as masters on a network to pull from. Use this file for any of those quarky things you may need and have no
|     where readily available to put them locally.

EQPath=C:\Users\Public\Daybreak Game Company\Installed Games\EverQuest\
MQ2Path=E:\Game Tools\Redguides MQ2 Release\
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