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Unmaintained MQ2Twitch

Included in Very Vanilla
Very Vanilla Included! No need to download.
Server Type
  1. Live
  2. TLP
  3. Test Server

Chat on Twitch while you stream, directly from the EverQuest client.

Install / Uninstall
To load the plugin,​
/plugin mq2twitch
To unload the plugin,​
/plugin mq2twitch unload

/twitch blah blah - sends the words blah blah to your twitch stream chat
/twitch user <Twitch User Name> Must be all lowercase - Adds your username to the settings ini file
/twitch nick <Twitch Nick Name>Must be all lowercase - Can be same as your Twitch User Name
/twitch channel <Twitch User/Room Name>Must be all lowercase - Adds your channel to the settings ini file.\nThis is normally just the same name as your twitter username, but it can also be a room name if you have created a chat room in the twitch app
/twitch connect - Will attempt to (re)connect to your chat channel
/twitch quit - Will disconnect from your chat channel
/twitch status - Displays Settings
/twitch oauth - Will launch a browser and generate a OAuth token for you.
The OAuth token is needed by this plugin to communicate with the twitch API
First release
Last update
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