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Unmaintained MQ2Twitch

Included in Very Vanilla
Very Vanilla Included! No need to download.
Server Type
🏢 Live TLP Test

Chat on Twitch while you stream, directly from the EverQuest client.

Install / Uninstall
To load the plugin,​
/plugin mq2twitch
To unload the plugin,​
/plugin mq2twitch unload

/twitch blah blah - sends the words blah blah to your twitch stream chat
/twitch user <Twitch User Name> Must be all lowercase - Adds your username to the settings ini file
/twitch nick <Twitch Nick Name>Must be all lowercase - Can be same as your Twitch User Name
/twitch channel <Twitch User/Room Name>Must be all lowercase - Adds your channel to the settings ini file.\nThis is normally just the same name as your twitter username, but it can also be a room name if you have created a chat room in the twitch app
/twitch connect - Will attempt to (re)connect to your chat channel
/twitch quit - Will disconnect from your chat channel
/twitch status - Displays Settings
/twitch oauth - Will launch a browser and generate a OAuth token for you.
The OAuth token is needed by this plugin to communicate with the twitch API
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