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Utility MQ2Spawns 2019-12-24

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pms, eqmule
Included in Very Vanilla
Very Vanilla Included! No need to download.
Server Type
  1. Live
  2. Emu
  3. TLP
  4. Test Server
MQ2Spawns - The intention behind this plugin was to have the ability to announce all OnAddSpawn and OnRemoveSpawn to a dedicated window without the need of attaching a debugger.

Rich (BB code):
/spawn - toggle announcements on/off
/spawn on - turns announcements on
/spawn off - turns announcements off
/spawn loc - toggles spawn location suffix in output
/spawn spawnid - toggles display of mob spawnid suffix in output
/spawn timestamp - toggles timestamp prefix in output
/spawn autosave - toggles autosaving of INI file upon setting change
/spawn delay - Sets zone time delay

/spawn log on - Turns logging on
/spawn log off - Turns logging off
/spawn log auto - Enables automatic logging
/spawn log setpath <path> - Set path to store log files

/spawn save - save configuration to INI (also saves UI settings)
/spawn load - load configuration from INI (also reloads UI settings)
/spawn savebychar - toggle saving UI window settings to server.charname INI section
/spawn status - outputs current plugin settings
/spawn help - outputs valid command parameters

/spawn clear - clears UI text (like /mqclear)
/spawn min - minimizes UI window (like /mqmin)
/spawn font # - sets UI font size

/spawn exclude name - adds a spawn name to the exclude list, if using multiple words use quotes e.g.:
/spawn exclude guard
/spawn exclude "chuckles the great"

Valid spawn type announcement toggles
e.g. /spwn all
e.g. /spwn pc
e.g. /dspwn npc
e.g. /dspwn all

Note: 'all' will override settings and display all types when on
this does not reset your other toggles, so if you toggle 'all' off
it will announce only the types that are on, retaining old settings

all - pc - npc - mount - pet - merc - flyer - campfire - banner - aura - object - untargetable - chest - trap - timer - trigger - corpse - item - unknown

you may also use the following commands, where you substitute toggletype with any of those types listed above:

/spwn toggletype - toggles output of this type spawning
/dspwn toggletype - toggles output of this type despawning

/spawn toggletype spawn - toggles output of this type spawning
/spawn toggletype despawn - toggles output of this type despawning
/spawn toggletype minlevel # - sets minimum level a spawn of this type must be to display output (valid 1 to 99)
/spawn toggletype maxlevel # - sets maximum level a spawn of this type must be to display output (valid 1 to 99)
/spawn toggletype color FF00FF - sets the output text color for this spawn type to the supplied hexadecimal RGB color value. do NOT prefix this value
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