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MQ2Nav Meshes

MQ2Nav Meshes 2019-11-13

Other Authors
kaen01, ChatWithThisName, Denethor
Server Type
🏢 Live 🏘️ Emu TLP Test

2022 ESA Winner
New! Use the MeshUpdater to save bandwidth and automatically keep all your meshes up to date.

A large repository of MQ2Nav meshes, pre-generated and ready for download. Contains an entire zip of all meshes, as well as links to each individual zone mesh.

To use, download the .zip file and extract the contents to your MQ2Nav folder, which is usually found in your Release folder.

Load MQ2Nav /plugin mq2nav
and enjoy.
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First release
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  1. Paludal Caverns Two

    paludalcavernstwo.navmesh - Sic
  2. guildlobby.navmesh

    Blocked out the light polls around lobby walk ways. Should no longer get stuck on them. - wired420
  3. moors.navmesh

    Updated for Anniversary Quest. - @hellfyre