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MQ2Nav Meshes

MQ2Nav Meshes 2019-11-13

Old Zones:
Meshes Submitted Over Christmas by @jande
Got really tired of typing in the super long address every time I need to update or change the site. Now has a short domain. MQMesh.com

Previous links and bookmarks will continue to work as normal.
  • TOV - Meshes now available for ALL zones.

Download from the link above or run the MeshUpdater.exe in your MQ directory.
Submitted by @jande
  • Aalishai - Fix for getting stuck on doors.
  • Broodlands - Connections added through lava walls.
  • Gnome Mountain - Fix for getting stuck on doors with large model + mount.
Site updated with code needed for Torment of Velious expansion.

Need Meshes for: frozenshadowtwo, crystaltwoa, crystaltwob, greatdividetwo, velektortwo, kaeltwo.

Meshes Collected/Built: eastwastestwo.

When expansion releases will be able to uncomment one line to have it added to mesh site/updater. Any meshes not submitted by time the files have pre-loaded to my PC I will generate.
Updated the navmesh submitted by Denethor. Submitted it to his explore mac repo as well via Sic. Can now use easy find or travel to. Was an issue with arched bridges and stairs.
New Gnome Memorial Mountain mesh submitted by @jande
Mesh that successfully navigates Stratos. Seems to work very well so far. First one I've been given I don't run off a cliff immediately (I marked every part not on the Island do not walk in a 3D space and still ran off cliff in one version).

Donated by @sl968

-- Now available via the navmesh updater included in Very Vanilla. MeshUpdater
By request. I'll start linking archives with update groups. I don't have a list of what was updated the first time but did keep a list of the second for one reason or another so here's the batch from the second larger update. This includes the following zones:

bothunder, brellsrest, burningwood, charasis, chardok, deadhills, devastation, dreadlands, droga, dulak, eastkarana, eastkorlach, eastwastes, emeraldjungle, esianti, feerrott, ferubi, fieldofbone, firiona, gunthak, hollowshade, iceclad, lakeofillomen, lakerathe, natimbi, nektulos, nurga, overthere, ponightmare, potranquility, skyshrine, southkarana, southro, ssratemple, swampofnohope, thevoida, thevoidb, thevoidc, thevoidd, thevoide, thevoidf, thevoidg, thevoidh, thulehouse1, thurgadina, torgiran, trakanon, warslikswood

Link: Download update002.zip