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MQ2Nav Meshes

MQ2Nav Meshes 2018-12-13

Were random ones from the previous collection I started with, with some really weird settings. Visually inspected and/or Adjusted settings on every single mesh. Lakes, Rivers, and Oceans flagged on most where one might navigate into the water in the first place. Pack containing only those updates available here.

  • Added Mesh for North Freeport (SK Quest for 1.0/1.5/2.0 Type 20 Augment sends you to old school NFP instance)
  • Added Mesh for Quest Version of Arena.
  • Added Mesh for other Old Style Freeport zones as I suspect there are quests that may instance you there as well.


Will be doing redoing larger expansions 1 per day, and multiple per day when I run into smaller ones. Will be starting with TBL and working backwards from this point forward.
  • Site navigation has been modified a bit. There is only one line of text of the main page. It's at the top. If you're lost. READ IT. I made sure it wasn't TL;DR length.
  • Can now download meshes by expansion packs on main page or on each expansion's sorted page.

Here's that line of text if you want to get it out of the way

New Navigation Instructions:
Need a single zone, or just want to browse? Use the sort menu at the top.


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  • Site for meshes has undergone a complete redesign.
    • Option to download single files.
    • Ability to link certain categories added.
    • Search functionality has been started, but is currently unlinked when I'm not working on it.
    • Entire site's content is now generated from a json backend instead of rendering on the fly.
    • Mobile ready (Bootstrap/jQuery)
  • Larger meshes are being redone. These are mainly zones where tree tops are physical objects that get meshed.
    • All files zip reduced in size 14%.
    • Meshes redone received 50-80% reduction in size.
    • Paths now generate quicker in these zones.
    • Less CPU intensive when pathing.
  • Many zones have been updated with new tile sizes. I will continue this as brainiac noticed some weird choices in tile sizes on SOME donated meshes.
  • I've authorized this resource to be used in another project (You ALL already use it) and made some back-end changes/additions to facilitate this usage. If you would like to use this site in your project, contact me via PM and I can supply links to resources that will make your life easier. (Live feeds with links to zips, raw files, sizes, hashes, last modified dates, and admin/mod panel coming soon).
  • More zones have been updated with water/unwalkable areas marked or meshed out.
  • Uploader will be added to site for submitting mesh updates.
Now contains a mesh for almost all live zones. [517 Zones/Variations on Zones] (Only zones I'm aware of it missing are a few of the special limited edition/loyalty player houses).

- Building a create your own pack option into page soon, so you can select what you want and get it all in one zip.
The Burning Lands meshes are now available to download
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