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Combat Assist MQ2Melee 2020-01-11

Updated by Sic - Added Paladin, Shadowknight, Ranger, Monk, Necro, and Beastlord ToV discs/spells
Update MQ2Melee for new Berserker abilities Rearranged the code to group all Berserker abilities in one spot for each section to avoid jumping all over the place to update a single class. As more classes are complete I will do those the same way as well. - @ChatWithThisName
-Updated by Sic/CWTN Yaulp to default to "off"
(EqMule) fixed some issues with escape, feigndeath and harmtouch
Removed keybind settings so customizations in macroquest.ini aren't overwritten - @alynel
These annoy everyone so I turned them off by default - @alynel
added tbl zerker disc - from saar's input! thanks
fix 2 hand bash on test/live
2019-01-28: Updated by s0rcier down/holyflag=3 parse when no macro running. increase down/holy shits to 90. stickmode=2 (disable sticking)

2019-02-01: Updated Immobile flags to return false for a litte after being summoned