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Mouseover comparison of equipped gear

Unmaintained Mouseover comparison of equipped gear 2.0

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Software Requirements
Server Type
Live, Test Server
I added this functionality to the MQ2ItemDisplay plugin, you can access it using /itemdisplay compare
This is now part of the core MQ2, no purchase nessesary.
It now has it's own window. It no longer consumes vast amount of CPU, which means you can leave it on if you want without any issues with performance.
Thank you to all who purchased this.

Created a mouseover HUD to show stat comparisons for gear that is currently equipped. Please see example photo.

Stat comparison ignores Augmentations, so you can compare the raw stats of gear against each other without having to remove your augments.

Displays stats with improvements in green, stats with losses in red.

Displays most information by simply moving your mouse over a wearable item in your bag. Both items must be in your inventory for the comparison to work correctly.

Other things can be added.

Easy to turn off if it gets in the way, /unloadhud mouseover
Easy to turn on if you need it back, /loadhud mouseover

Looking to share this work of art (and many hours of my life) for donations per user.

Version 1.0

Version 2.0
First release
Last update
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Latest updates

  1. Performance and QoL improvements

    Where able I converted statements that were comparing strings to use ID's with ${Select[,,]} and...