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Mouseover comparison of equipped gear

Utility Mouseover comparison of equipped gear 2.0

Where able I converted statements that were comparing strings to use ID's with ${Select[,,]} and ${Range.Between instead of checking each item slot by string comparison to reduce CPU Usage.

Added a check for Item Slot to be NULL to avoid showing the mouseover HUD when non-equippable items (such as tradeskill items) were being hovered over.

Cut the parsing required to draw the background by 2/3rds by drawing the entire line all at once instead of doing it when the particular item applied. (IE: SvMagic background now draws even if there is no SvMagic as long as the item's worn slot isn't NULL.

Added the ratio that I had apparently forgot to add that Alynel helped me with. So now weapons will show their ratio in green when it's an improvement and red when it's not.
Note: Ratio doesn't take into consideration if the weapons being compared are 1h vs 2h.

Added instructions section to this resource for version 2.0, and with information on how to access 1.0 to get the other HUD elements that were with it (other HUD elements were not coded for use with font sizes. If you use RG compile and don't know what I'm talking about then they should work by default)

Please Note: While I do want my code to be useful, please let me know at the start of trouble shooting if you're using another MQ2 Build that is not RG. The other guys builds can vary and could be the very source of your issue.