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Mouseover comparison of equipped gear

Utility Mouseover comparison of equipped gear 2.0

In order to put the HUD into use you must copy the contents of the downloaded file into your MQ2Hud.ini file.

As of version 2.0 there are two different files that can be downloaded. There is a

The differences should hopefully be clear. The one that uses the optional font size is in the -fontsizes.ini file, the one without font sizes is in the -nofontsizes.ini file.

2.0 includes only the [Mouseover] element which once copied and pasted into your MQ2HUD.ini file can be loaded using /loadhud mouseover or unloaded using /unloadhud mouseover

If you wish to access the old hud elements other than mouseover, please refer to the "History" section and download version 1.0, this includes HUD elements which do not use font sizes.

Caution: Do not mistake /unloadhud for /unload hud, as it will unload your MQ2 injection and require you reinject MQ2 back into the game.