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Utility MassEnchant.mac 2022-01-16

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| MassEnchant.mac 12-14-2020 by Cannonballdex
| Must be a Enchanter and have all of the spells scribed
| Level 49 Chanter can scribe all of the spells listed in this macro
| Enchant abilities require level sufficient AA abilities.
| Easy way to scribe spells is using pokscribe.mac
| Will enchant any available items in inventory x5 using mass enchant or x20 using greater mass enchant
| Will enchant the Vials of Mana in order, if you do not want to make a specific mana do not have the gem in your inventory.
| Will enchant all available Clay, Ore and Metal, if you do not want it enchanted put it in the bank.
| Poison Vial x5 and Pearl x5 = Vial of Viscous Mana x5
| Poison Vial x5 and Peridot x5 = Vial of Cloudy Mana x5
| Poison Vial x5 and Emerald x5 = Vial of Clear Mana x5
| Poison Vial x5 and Sapphire x10 = Vial of Distilled Mana x5
| Poison Vial x5 and Ruby x20 = Vial of Purified Mana x5
| Enchant: Large Block of Clay, Large Bricks of High Quality Ore, Mithril, Brellium, Adamantite
| Enchant Bars: Silver, Electrum, Gold, Platinum, and Velium.
|Enchanter AAs: Enchant Alaran - Enchant Celestial Platinum - Enchant Conflagrant Platinum - Enchant Cosgrite - Enchant Dwerium - Enchant Feymetal - Enchant Palladium - Enchant Planar Alloy - Enchant Refined Restless Velium - Enchant Refined Velium - Enchant Temporite - Honed Bloodied Luclinite.
| Will run until you /endmacro or run out of items to enchant
First release
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