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Utility MassEnchant.mac 2021-04-07

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Live, Test Server
| MassEnchant.mac 12-14-2020 by Cannonballdex
| Must be a Enchanter and have all of the spells scribed
| Level 49 Chanter can scribe all of the spells listed in this macro
| Easy way to scribe spells is using pokscribe.mac
| Will enchant any available items in inventory x5 using mass enchant or x20 using greater mass enchant
| Will enchant the Vials of Mana in order, if you do not want to make a specific mana do not have the gem in your inventory.
| Will enchant all available Clay, Ore and Metal, if you do not want it enchanted put it in the bank.
| Poison Vial x5 and Pearl x5 = Vial of Viscous Mana x5
| Poison Vial x5 and Peridot x5 = Vial of Cloudy Mana x5
| Poison Vial x5 and Emerald x5 = Vial of Clear Mana x5
| Poison Vial x5 and Sapphire x10 = Vial of Distilled Mana x5
| Poison Vial x5 and Ruby x20 = Vial of Purified Mana x5
| Enchant: Large Block of Clay, Large Bricks of High Quality Ore, Mithril, Brellium, Adamantite
| Enchant Bars: Silver, Electrum, Gold, Platinum, and Velium.
|Enchanter AAs: Enchant Alaran - Enchant Celestial Platinum - Enchant Conflagrant Platinum - Enchant Cosgrite - Enchant Dwerium - Enchant Feymetal - Enchant Palladium - Enchant Planar Alloy - Enchant Refined Restless Velium - Enchant Refined Velium - Enchant Temporite.
| Will run until you /endmacro or run out of items to enchant
First release
Last update
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Latest updates

  1. Enchant Dwerium (x10)

    Will cast AA Enchant Dwerium (10) instead of trying Enchant Dwerium (x10) (Seems like an error...
  2. Mispelling

    Another Mispelling. Good Night.
  3. Updated misspelled spells and adjusted timing

    Updated spelling. Updated delay to avoid spam on AA enchantments.