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Utility MassEnchant.mac 2021-04-07

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Will cast AA Enchant Dwerium (10) instead of trying Enchant Dwerium (x10) (Seems like an error on EQs Part as it is the only Enchant AA without the x in front of 10)
Another Mispelling. Good Night.
Updated spelling. Updated delay to avoid spam on AA enchantments.
Added Enchanter AA ( you must scribe these AA)
Enchant Alaran - Enchant Celestial Platinum - Enchant Conflagrant Platinum - Enchant Cosgrite - Enchant Dwerium - Enchant Feymetal - Enchant Palladium - Enchant Planar Alloy - Enchant Refined Restless Velium Enchant Refined Velium - Enchant Temporite.

If you have Primordial Dynastic Radiance and Platinum Bars in your inventory, this macro will make Enchanted Celestial Platinum, once you are out of Primordial Dynastic Radiance this macro will continue to Enchant any Platinum Bars x5 or higher located in your inventory. It is important to only place items in your inventory that you want enchanted.
Will use Greater Mass Enchant first if you have the supplies, now will use Mass Enchant after Greater Mass enchant if you still have the smaller amount of supplies instead of just Greater Mass and then skipping Mass Enchant.

Before if you had enough items for greater mass it would just do the greater mass spell and move to the next gem leaving enough items to do mass enchant.
Updated Missing Spells & will let you know if you are missing a spell.
Added Mass Enchant Mana Spells, Mass Enchant Clay.