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MacroQuest (Test Server)

MacroQuest (Test Server) Build 248 [test]

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Server Type
Test Server
This is the latest build of the test branch of MacroQuest. Often jokingly referred to as "MQNext" this build has quite a few bug fixes, but has also seen a ton of work under the hood. Significantly, this marks a return to open source with the current repo at https://gitlab.com/macroquest/next/mqnext . If you're just interested in what bugs have been fixed versus Live, you can find the full list here. That's also the tracker to look at any of the outstanding issues that we already know about on the issue tracker main page.

Some of the user-facing highlights are:
- Focused on addressing stability and eliminating crashes
- It's fast, quite a bit of work has been done to reduce load times (including that the spell database load/access times are now 4x faster)
- Lua can now be used in addition to the original macro engine
- Integrated imgui and developer tools like the window inspector and the item inspector (check your EQ button for the "MacroQuest" menu item)
- A whole new console (defaults to CTRL+`) that can be moved OUTSIDE the EQ window
- Built in crash reporting lets us know what crashed (this is on by default in the Developer Preview build, but you can turn it off in your MacroQuest.ini)

Some other things to note are:
- The directory structure has been reorganized with ini files all sitting together in the config folder instead of the root folder
- A resource folder has been added to organize other data
- The WIKI exists Here

Although our intention is to keep crash reporting anonymous, crash reports may contain information about your character (names, groupmates) or your computer (location of files, directory names) or other information that as in memory at the time of the crash. The people who can see this information are Redbot, brainiac, dannuic, Knightly, ChatWithThisName, and Sic. If that changes, this post will be updated.
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