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Combat Assist KissAssist 12.002.029

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Software Requirements
All requirements are included in Very Vanilla
Included in Very Vanilla
Very Vanilla Included! No need to download.
Server Type
🏢 Live Test

Wiki Manual

2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022 ESA Winner

Turn any character into your personal assistant, like a mercenary that does what you want.

Current Features
  • Supports all classes for DPS Melee, Caster and Bards
  • Supports any level character
  • Set up characters to Pull, Tank or Assist others.
  • Select Player, Mercenary or Pet as Main Assist
  • Toons can follow Main Assist, remain stationary or return to anchor spot after mob dies.
  • Pets supported
  • Keep all buffs up Auras, Group, Self, Pet and Clickys
  • Creates an ini file for each toon
  • Separate Melee and Casting DPS settings.
  • Single Buff section for ease of use supports Spells/AA's/Items
  • Single DPS section for ease of use Spells/AA's/Items/Discs
  • Auto Mana/Endurance med detection depending on class.
  • Med settings to turn ON/Off and percentages to Start/Stop
  • Separate Bard twist setting for combat and non combat
  • Single Heal section for ease of use. Heal with any class or your pet
  • Loot mobs and set up what items to keep. sell, or destroy via ninjadvloot and separate loot.ini file
  • Auto accept rez if turned on via MQ2Rez
  • Auto accept party Invites
  • Auto accept trades from other players/toons
  • Mount support AA or Item.
  • Mez mobs feature
  • Auto detect progression servers and set variables accordingly for features not yet available. i.e. Extended Target Window.
  • Commands to turn on/off major features i.e. healing, mezzing, melee etc.
  • Basic mercenary control - Define when merc attacks.
  • Supports Attack Buffs
  • Supports Autofire
  • Rez players
  • Auto revive Mercs
  • AFK Tools - Inspired by AHTools
  • Burn Section
  • Pull mobs ini file support
  • Ignore mobs ini file support
  • Mez Immune ini file support
  • Recognition for players on Zek server
  • EQBC message support.
KissAssist instructions & reference:

KissAssist Forum

KissAssist Support (bug reports, specific issues)

.ini library

Conditionals Reference

Beginner's Guide
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  2. Fixed syntax error

    A syntax error was found in the CheckGroupStats routine. My Bad.
  3. Bard singing changes and begfor condition checking

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Latest reviews

IMHO, the most important macro in the arsenal.
Awesome flexibility.
Personally this is the #1 reason to use MQ. The customization really makes optimizing your crews almost endless. Amazing work, looking forward to what's next.
Kissassist is a QOL upgrade that turns everquest from an LFG simulator to a modern real-time group combat semi-MMORPG. Setting up your characters to play well in a group while maximizing their roles' strengths is more fun than actually playing Everquest. Wouldn't be playing EQ without this as the EQ model of ultimate time-sink doesn't work for my time availability at this season in life. RG's KA ini library makes it easy to dip your toes into the water.