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Combat Assist KissAssist 2019-11-09

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Other Authors
Maskoi, ctaylor22, anonymoushero, crystane, thenomadman, william12, TreeHuginDruid
Software Requirements
All requirements are included in Very Vanilla
Included in Very Vanilla
Very Vanilla Included! No need to download.
Server Type
Live, Test Server

2018, 2019 ESA Winner
To convert your conditions, type /plugin mq2kisstemplate load and then /maketemplate


Turn any character into your personal assistant, like a merc but smarter.

Current Features
  • Supports all classes for DPS Melee, Caster and Bards
  • Supports any level character
  • Set up characters to Pull, Tank or Assist others.
  • Select Player, Mercenary or Pet as Main Assist
  • Toons can follow Main Assist, remain stationary or return to anchor spot after mob dies.
  • Pets supported
  • Keep all buffs up Auras, Group, Self, Pet and Clickys
  • Creates an ini file for each toon
  • Separate Melee and Casting DPS settings.
  • Single Buff section for ease of use supports Spells/AA's/Items
  • Single DPS section for ease of use Spells/AA's/Items/Discs
  • Auto Mana/Endurance med detection depending on class.
  • Med settings to turn ON/Off and percentages to Start/Stop
  • Separate Bard twist setting for combat and non combat
  • Single Heal section for ease of use. Heal with any class or your pet
  • Loot mobs and set up what items to keep. sell, or destroy via ninjadvloot and separate loot.ini file
  • Auto accept rez if turned on via MQ2Rez
  • Auto accept party Invites
  • Auto accept trades from other players/toons
  • Mount support AA or Item.
  • Mez mobs feature
  • Auto detect progression servers and set variables accordingly for features not yet available. i.e. Extended Target Window.
  • Commands to turn on/off major features i.e. healing, mezzing, melee etc.
  • Basic mercenary control - Define when merc attacks.
  • Supports Attack Buffs
  • Supports Autofire
  • Rez players
  • Auto revive Mercs
  • AFK Tools - Inspired by AHTools
  • Burn Section
  • Pull mobs ini file support
  • Ignore mobs ini file support
  • Mez Immune ini file support
  • Recognition for players on Zek server
  • EQBC message support.
KissAssist instructions & reference:

KissAssist Forum

KissAssist Support (bug reports, specific issues)

.ini library

Conditionals Reference

Beginner's Guide
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Last update
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Latest updates

  1. fixes for emu

    This version includes a few changes for emu compatibility
  2. Bard Twisting fix. Changed events so twist no longer gets paused.

    You know what to do.
  3. Fix for /dquery spam in Check Cures and switched up some Bool[] with If[] functions.

    Thanks to everyone who pitched in and tested these changes. You know what to do.