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Work in Progress KissAssist 10 to 11 Conversion Macro 0.0.2

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Software Requirements
Kissassist 10 .ini with conditions
Conversion Mac

Convert conditions from KissAssist 10 to Kiss11

KA10211.mac by ctaylor22

This mac will convert conditions in your Kissassist_Tooname.ini to new format.
It WILL NOT convert Old Style Commands. Those have to be converted manually.
Back up your ini files before converting to be safe.

Convert other ini files with a command line parameter
- KA10211.mac v0.0.2 by Ctaylor22 09/05/2018.
Usage - /mac ka10211
/mac ka10211 FileName.ini
/mac ka10211 clean
/mac ka10211 FileName.ini clean

clean - will clear all the old style conditions out your ini file
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