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Utility BAS.mac Barter Auto Seller 0.0.6

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Other Authors
Kaen01, eqmule, sl968
Software Requirements
MQ2IRC (Optional)
Included in Very Vanilla
Very Vanilla Included! No need to download.
Server Type
🏢 Live Test
Barter Auto Seller

Current Features

Auto generate/update of detail items in INI file based on what is in inventory.
General INI file setup by character
Shared INI item details file
Set item minimum sell price in INI file
List of Buyers you can ignore when selling
Set the packs you want to skip

List of Mules you want to sell to and associated INI file for Mules. Mules INI file is shared, not per Mule.
Mule INI item details can be set to skip or sell.
Mule can have the same item for sale with multiple price lines. Mule will only sell to Line buying at 0.001.

Brute force selling to force selling to highest buyer, ignores item detail settings.

Command line parameters to change sell mode without changing INI files.
You can access macro help using command line parameters.
/mac bas.mac help

This Macro will sell all items, to Barters, Any Item that shows up in the Items list in the Barter Search Window.
The only Exceptions are as listed:
1 - Items that are in packs that are designated to be skipped(SkipPacks).
2 - If you wish to keep items that are in your designated, to be skipped packs. Those items can not be in any other non-designated packs.
Example: If you set SkipPacks=1,2,3(Skip Packs 1-3). You have a stack of natural silks in Pack2 that you want to save.
You also have several stacks of natural silks in Pack5. All Stacks of Natural silk will be sold even the ones in Pack2.
The Pack search is setup to skip items, that are exclusively in those packs you designate to be skipped.
If there is something you want to save I would suggest you Bank those Items Before running this Macro.
3 - If UseDetail is set to 1, then all Items in the BAS_ItemDetail.ini file with a zero price will be skipped.

Currently this macro supports 3 INI files:
BAS_CharacterName.ini - This ini file is where you will find the general section and is character specific.
BAS_ItemDetail.ini - This is a shared Ini file that will be used by all characters.
This ini file contains the Items by name and the minimum sale price that you can update.
BAS_MuleItems.ini - This is a shared Ini file that will be used to sell to Barter Mules.

Note: This macro is only made possible by EQMule. I was 90% complete with this macro when I hit a dead end.
The changes he made to the MQ2Windows code in MQ2 made this macro possible.
If you find this macro use full and/or makes you feel generous. Please donate to EQMule.

Special Thanks goes out to EQGeek, who helped with alpha and initial beta testing

This macro is still a work in progress. All Comments are welcome.

Rename the update to BAS.MAC before running.

Redbot's edit: 11/1/2017 bas.mac temporarily updated to 0.0.5 which includes kaen01's unofficial fixes, consider this macro unsupported until ctaylor has a chance to verify it.
First release
Last update
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Latest updates

  1. new features

    added the ability to set an item to sell, or keep it in the macro go /afk then pick up an item...
  2. Fixed by sl968

    Thank you sl968 for the fix. Please show your appreciation for her work here...