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Combat Assist KissAssist 11.004

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Major fix in casting and spiffy new debug routines
This is the same copy that Maskoi posted in the General discord channel.
My Bad. Assist should work now.
You know what to do. Please update to the latest version..
Here is the fix for the Tanks that sat around camp after death.
Fix for PullMoveUse not getting set, and Chase throwing errors when MQ2Navigation Not loaded.
First thing's first: your conditions will no longer work. If that's an issue, use kiss10.mac (/mac kiss10) or convert your ini with @ctaylor22's conversion macro.



Conditions are now included in the ini file at the bottom
You can now define and add a condition to any section with a simple tag of the condition number

A quick example of conditions for DPS section then from a random ini file
example dps section:
DPS1=Eradicate Magic|99|Cond1
DPS2=Frostbound Alliance|99|Cond2
DPS3=Concussive Intuition|99|Cond3
DPS4=Shocking Vortex|100|Cond4
DPS5=Mind Crash|99|Cond5
DPS6=Fury of the Gods|99|Cond6
DPS7=Focus of Arcanum|99
DPS8=Forceful Rejuvenation|99|Cond7
DPS9=Miniature Horn of Unity|99|Cond8
DPS10=Sebilisian Froglokskin Robe|99|Cond9
example conditions:
Cond1=${Target.ID} && ${Range.Between[50,99:${Target.PctHPs}]}  && ${Target.Beneficial.ID} && ${Target.Beneficial.ID}!=49665 && ${Select[${Zone.ID},21,777,555,980]}
Cond2=(${Me.PctMana} > 80 && ${Target.PctHPs} > 80) || (${Target.Named} && ${Target.PctHPs} > 50)
Cond3=${Target.ID} && ${Target.PctHPs} > 20 &&  ${Me.PctAggro}>50
Cond4=${Target.PctHPs} > 50 && ${Target.BuffsPopulated} && !${Me.Song[Evoker's Synergy].ID} && !${Target.Buff[Shocking Vortex].ID}  && !${Me.Song[Dichotomic Reinforcement].ID}
Cond5=${Target.Named} && ${Target.PctHPs} > 10
Cond7=${Me.PctMana} < 45 && !${Me.SpellReady[Quiescent Gambit]}
Cond8=${Cast.Ready[Miniature Horn of Unity]} && !${Me.Song[Blessing of Unity].ID} && ${Me.PctMana} < 85
Cond9=${Me.PctMana} < 45

Commands have a new format that can be used in any section

Old Style
would now be

AE1=Command:/bandolier activate 2hander|1|single
AE2=Command:/bandolier activate 1hander|2

Can be used together


Example: How to use bandolier and prevent it from spamming in AE section
AE1=Command:/bandolier activate 2hander|1|single|Cond1
AE2=Command:/bandolier activate 1hander|2|Cond2

Cond1=!${InvSlot[mainhand].Item.Name.Equal[Conflagrant Great Sword]}
Cond2=!${InvSlot[mainhand].Item.Name.Equal[Conflagrant Bastard Sword]}

Melee classes rejoice. Your berserker and monk work again in Kiss
Kiss will now keep all those buttons pressed

Combat Abilities/Discs fixed for melee types that weren't firing while a Disc was active.
Removed some Active.Disc checks that were preventing other Discs from firing
DPS |Mash feature tweaked to better echo the DPS entry has fired in MQ2 Window. Kiss was skipping over showing some entries during melee

DPS Meter events have been super stream lined.
DPS Meter total fixed to show DPS+Pet in EQBC window

Condition loading has been moved so all other vars load first to prevent issues from undeclared vars that are used in conditions
Pet class fix in DPS Parse feature. Pets were not attack when parsing data on target dummies.
Rez section updated to match all current feature in KissAssist 10.2.6

DPS |Mash feature tweak to better echo the DPS entry has fired in MQ2 Window. Kiss was skipping over showing some entries during melee
Conditions and commands added to |ambush tag

Fixed and reactivated DPS section to double check if spells with a duration are already on the mob and not recast it. i.e. dots, malo, etc.
Fixed an error in memming spells caused by need commands feature
Removed a bunch of redundant target checks in spell casting routines
Tweaked spell casting events for fizzle, interrupted and resisted
/TBG command removed since to was removed from EQ and is now on by default
Fixed some pulling spam while under the effects of rez or revival sickness
Added /stick off to StopMovement sub - Kaen01
Fixed a CombatMed=2 issue - Kaen01
GoM section tweaked further to prevent Mez interruption
Started removing old legacy code that is no longer relevant
Some random code typos fixed

Directional Pulling:
New Hotkey Feature added

/setpullarc Angle (1-359) Direction (n,ne,e,se,s,sw,w,nw)
/setpullarc 180 w

Turn off directional; pulling
/setpullarc 0

Illustrations incoming soon

Kiss will no longer try to cast buffs already on toons. Added a check from target window to prevent casting spells already on the target or those that do not stack i.e. cleric will no longer cast divine imposition on tank on Kiss start up if he has it.

Removed Banestrike event as it is now a passive AA - thanks Kaen01
Removed Health of Targets Targets open window code as it ancient and no longer relevant
Chase fix in case Chaseme command issued by someone other than main tank
OOG toons will now respond faster to out of group MA
Small tweak for finding mem blurred mobs
Fixed a delay on MA waiting to attack mezzed mobs in camp
Replaced /ranged with /autofire for toons using ranged weapons. (Who knew there was an Me.AutoFire TLO. Learn something new all the time)
Kissified CastMemSpell sub to match Kiss syntax
Kissified SpellRankCheck sub to match Kiss syntax and existing variables
Fixed a bard aura issue where bard would not cast aura if the spell was not memmed. they would mem spell then skip over now they will cast it.
Added some additional checks to pulling to prevent spam while hover or under the effects of resurrection sickness