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Combat Assist KissAssist 2019-11-09

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This version includes a few changes for emu compatibility
Thanks to everyone who pitched in and tested these changes. You know what to do.
OK. There were just a few small fixes needed. You know what to do.
Boy adding in DanNet functionality sure has been fun. You know what to do.
This would be easy if everyone had the same play style. Fixed more melee jiggle. Changed the cure routine so you can now use the |me tag. This was creating an issue in the new code, so I just added the code to check for the new tag and only cure yourself with that cure entry.
Corrected a mistake in the new CheckPetBuffs routine.
Found an issue where /moveto dist was getting set to low and never being reset back to a reasonable distance.
We would like to thank our testers for the recent features and improvements: @Sic, @SusanTN, @Gnits, and @Enine

This release fixes the DanNet error reported here:
-------------------------Changes this time around------------------------------------
| Added checking buffs on other users using DanNet.
| Added checking Pet buffs on other users using DanNet.
| Added Checking Mercenaries buffs, uses DanNet.Peers to match up owners.
| Added DebugChainP for Debugging Chain Pull in Combat.
| Added Additional check in CastBuffsSpellCheck if the spelltocast is an AA and has a trigger spell.
| Like Lupine Spirit AA, the Buff is a different name spirit of Tala'Tak.
| Added New TooBuffList. Will be used to keep a list of characters to buff that are NOT in the ini file, or
| DanNet.Peers list.
| Created a bind TooBuffList(Action, ActionID) will use actions add, remove, reset, clear.
| Added new event that traps for Buffs Please!. still need to add Buff Me Please!
| This event checks if your a member of the Following:
| Raid, Fellowship, Guild, and friends. If character not found in one of the listed lists, or is a member of your group, then they are ignored.
| This will be used to add entries to the new TooBuffList. Works with /tell and /say. Example: /say Buffs Please!
| Things that need to be checked. Potential Problems
| FD/Invis issue when chain pulling: Fixed
| Buffs routine not being called when chain pulling and no mobs in camp: Fixed
| Issue was CombatReset was never getting called when chain pulling.
| Update checkcures to include DanNet code: Finished
| Update Master Looter check to use DanNet: Finished
| Update Writebuffs to be DanNet aware: Finished
| Update WritebuffsPet to be DanNet aware: Finished
| Update WriteBuffsMerc to be DanNet aware: Finished
| Update WriteDebuffs to be DanNet aware: Finished
| Problem with Non-Melee(MeleeOn=0)/Non-DPS(DPSOn=0) toons calling combatreset continuously.
| Found issue in Combatreset where pullreset was being called even if you are not a puller.
| Also changed where combatreset is being called, and only if CombatStart was set on.
| Figure how to get Merch Buffs NOT using the ini file. May need to try new CachedBuff[]: (Tested. Won't Work)
| CachedBuff will NOT work. You still have to target the character to refresh the CachedBuffs.
| Pull routine needs to be aware of the puller being FD as well as sitting: Fixed I think. Needs more testing.
| Add code to use new BlockedBuff and BlockedPetBuff member.
| No longer have to open the Blocked Buff Window: Needs Testing.
| I moved the Pipe(|) from the front of the string to it's proper location so the string ends with the Pipe(|).
| Example: Was |Buff1|Buff2|Buff3 Now: Buff1|Buff2|Buff3| <-- This is the proper format.
| Changes made to CheckIniBuffs, WriteBuffs, WriteBuffsMerc, and WriteBuffsPet to use new format.
| Need to add documentation for XTarAutoSet. On by default and is NOT in the ini file. Allows you to turn off
| the setting XTarget to the Mainassists current target.
| Need to test PullModeToggle. Made changes to the logic to get rid of /goto's
| Changed the CheckPetBuffs routine to check for dual for spells, altabilities and not just items.