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Import Kissassist Ini From Another Character 1.0

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I recently created a few new alts and got them to level 100 at which point I figured it would be fun to try kissassist on them.

It's an involved process to say the least, you have to look up all spells, mem them, tweak, read guides, look at older ini's etc.
I was not looking forward to setting it up from scratch for 6 new toons.

So... I introduce to you: The View attachment 9903 (download it and put it in your macros folder)

What does it do? Well, it can take ANY kissassist inifile of ANY level (NOTE: I capped spell search to 30 levels in difference because well, it seemed like a reasonable thing to do in order to get better output. In other words, it will only search your chars level - 30 for downgraded spells or your chars level + 30 if you are upgrading, so please don't try to use a level 105 ini on a level 1 char) (but for the SAME class) and upgrade or downgrade all spells used in it, to the new chars equivalent spells, note there is no guessing going on , it will search your new toons spell book, combatabilites, aa's and items to see if it can find the equivalent spell for the new chars level and then it will save it for you in kissassist_<server>_<newtoonsname>.ini

PAY CLOSE ATTENTION TO ITS OUTPUT: IF YOU SEE ANY [WARNING] or [ERROR] it means the spell wasn't found or a conversion wasn't possible, so you should go open the ini and manually edit the entry

It does this simply by you running it ingame like this: /mac kissini kissassist_someserver_somealtofyours.ini

It will output a new kissassist ini for the char you run it with, YES you still have to open the ini and manually set like miscgem and check that everything looks right
but it's a HUGE timesaver when it comes to setting things up.

Real Example: I have a character named eqmule on tunare, he is a level 105 shadow knight who has a perfect kissassist_tunare_eqmule.ini already.
I also have a new shadow knight named noobsk he is level 100 (or 85 or whatever it doesn't matter)
I have bought all spells up to his level including all tomes and rk. ii quested dreadmote spells.
I log in noobsk and type /mac kissini kissassist_tunare_eqmule.ini
Now the fun starts, the mq2 window will spit out INFO WARNINGS, ERROR and so on to show you what's going on.
After about 2 mins or so, maybe shorter if you have a fast computer, a new ini will have been created and the spells for it has been memmed.
Ok, good luck, feel free to comment and stuff, if any bugs are found let me know, Id be happy to fix them.
I have successfully upgraded and downgraded inifiles using this macro, I used a level 100 cleric ini I found on this site to make a ini for my level 105 cleric.

English translation:
Rich (BB code):
1. Find the Kiss ini file of the toon you want to copy. e.g Bob is 105 SK and his ini file is kissassist_bob.ini
2. On the toon you want to create the new ini file for eg Sally 85 SK /mac kissini kissassist_bob.ini
3. This will create a file called kissassist_tunare_sally.ini based on the 105 SK's ini parsed down to level 85 
4. Edit the file and correct the errors based on the out put from the MQ2 window.
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Oh my god that was amazing! Great macro, ran perfectly.
One of my most used macros. Has made my life so much eaiser. A huge THANK YOU!