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Get Drunkard's Stein on all chars and all accounts

Get Drunkard's Stein on all chars and all accounts 2019-12-18

Download now:  Join us with Level 2 access or earn your way in with  RedCents.
Update: added the nav meshes this macro needs, unzip to your Release\MQ2Nav directory.

This is not a afk macro, but it will help you get all your characters on all your accounts that exist in mq2login profiles the Drunkard's Stein.

Macro will beep and pause and tell you what to do when manual interaction is needed, for example when it logs in a character it needs to know when the char is in pok and is ready.
So if it logs in a guy and he is somewhere else, its your job to port him to pok and then /mqp off

NOTE Run the updater before you run this macro because it has some stuff in it that needs the latest version of mq2.

| FIRST OF ALL: THIS MACRO ONLY WORKS for MQ2-20180317 source or later.
| 0. Make sure Both Drunka.mac and Drunkamove.mac are in your macros folder.
| 2. YOU MUST HAVE meshes generated for:
| 2a. Plane of Knowledge
| 2b. The Guild Lobby
| 2c. Nedaria's Landing
| 2d. Abysmal Sea
| 3. YOU MUST HAVE MQ2AutoAccept Loaded.
| 4. YOU MUST HAVE MQ2EQBC Loaded as well as the EQBC server locally on
| 5. BACKUP your MQ2EQBC.ini because I WILL write to it.

| 6. Start Drunka.mac on a character that HAS the Drunkard's Stein Quest from Brasse AND WHOSE ACCOUNT IS NOT IN ANY OTHER LOGIN PROFILE.
| For example, I got the task on a level 85 character of mine that is the only char on that account.
| The reason we dont want other characters on the same account as the "Driver" is that he will then be logged out when he launches
| another char on his own account.
| 7. Take the Driver character to Abysmal Sea and park him next to Galdorin
| 8. Start the macro and sit back, every char and every profile you have for the server the Driver is on, will be logged in and checked
| until all are done for that server.
| Drunkard's Stein will be recorded in Drunka.ini and that's also the file you could manually add characters to that you KNOW already have a stein
| its layout is
| [tunare]
| eqmule=1
| where 1 means eqmule on tunare already have a stein.


| Well, it will go through all profiles for the server you are on
| and login in each character and check if they have a drunkard's stein or not
| if they do have one, they will be logged out and the next char on that account will be checked
| until all characters on all accounts in all profiles that are on the same server as the character running the macro
| has been checked.
| if a char is found not having the stein, and he is within 30 levels of the char running the macro
| he will be task added and will get his stein by running to abysmal sea and singing the song
| I thought about adding a wizard to port to bind maybe in the next verison, for now they run.
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Latest reviews

I used the "drunkamove" macro to run my character from either PoK or the Guild Lobby to Galdorin in the Abyssmal Sea and to sync repetition of the song line by line after being task added by the task leader as described in the other comments.

I had previously done the quest using a similar strategy of parking a task leader by Galdorin but manually moved the toons from the Guild Lobby. Once at Galdorin I used the task leader to interactively repeat the lines of the song using 1 social per line (6 total). I used the "mimic me" button on the task leader to get the task adds to synchronize the repetition of the lines. While this worked it was kind of tedious and I was able to average about 1 successful completion every 7.5 minutes. It seemed as though I had get each task add to "hail" and throw a bottle at Galdorin.

Using "drunkamove" I was able to work through the process successfully at a rate of 2 or 3 successful completions (using 2 or 3 concurrent task adds) every 5 minutes and I was using the task leader to throw a bottle at Galdorin each time. I subsequently discovered that the bottle throw was only necessary to get Galdorin to sing the right song and that generally this was not needed unless there was a lengthy pause between iterations of the process.

Using "drunkamove" I completed some 70+ iterations over every toon on each account (way too many) by occasionally switching the task leader role to a task add that had just completed the process. Although using the "mimic me" strategy was fairly efficient (used it on about 45 toons) it paled in comparison to using the "drunkamove" macro.
Same as below- got task on char that already had stein, ran him to Galdorin, then taskadded and removed and ran /mac drunkamove on toons that needed the stein. A+ macro as always from eqmule
like @Dulieguy I used /mac drukamove on the chars missing the stein without using the main macro.

I followed the instructions for the char, who has to get the quest and move to the bard at abysmal.
the header of drukamove.mac I changed to:
#event A "#*#the says, 'My stinky#*#"
#event B "#*#the says, 'but she#*#"
#event C "#*#the says, 'Beer or#*#"
#event D "#*#the says, 'No matter how many#*#"
#event E "#*#the says, 'I make#*#"
#event F "#*#the says, 'reminds me#*#"
#event G "#*#the says, 'Norrath is#*#"
to get it to do, what I want.

For the first char I had an isue, because the bard at abyssmal was singning the wrong songs. I checked on zam and found out, that you can buy a couple of beer at the closeby bartender and throw the empty bottles (with right mouseclick) at him at the moment he plays his lute to get him to sing the right song.
Once he decided to sing the right song, I could with ease /taskadd all the chars missing the stein and issue /mac drunkamove to get them to abyssmal and chime in with the bard, singing the song and pick up their stein.

Nice Macro well structured and easy to understand.
5 stars for the idea and solutioin to sync the singing with the bard.
This made super quick work of this event. Just get the quest with someone that has a Alcohol Tolerance of 50 and is drunk in the party and then type /drunkamove on the toon you want the Stein on. Takes just a couple minutes. Highly recomended!