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Utility Bard Melody Macro with Alliance Burns 1.1

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Other Authors
Exspes - Thanks for letting me bounce ideas off you.
Software Requirements
mq2cast - for TLO's only
Server Type
🏢 Live
This is a melody mac that will resume singing if songs are interrupted, you manually sing 1 song, or you cast mezzes. You can change the melody on the fly to adjust songs.
It uses EQ's /melody for singing of songs. This was made for the difficulties I had when using mq2twist and trying to cast other songs manually.

Will not sing if you are invisible or have Evaders Invisibility (fade invis) on.
NOTE* you must /stopsong to stop your current melody or you will sing through your invis.

Will nuke as long as Covenant of Sticks and Stones is on the mob.
The 2 songs it will nuke with are:
1. Sathir's Insult
2. Tsaph's Insult

Just have them memed in any Gem slot and it will do the rest.

Feel free to use however you see fit. Can be pretty easily added to other macs and just /call Twist after you do a /newmelody.
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Latest updates

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    Will not spam if interacting with a merchant now.
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    Updated #turbo to 240