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    MQ2ItemDisplay - This plugin allows you to add extra information to the item info windows.

    HTML Code: 
    /inote<add|del> <item#> "Comment" Add/delete a note to a specific item number. This information will be displayed within the item info window, under all the other information.
    * item DisplayItem - This references the last item display window that was opened

    INI File
    All the /inote information is stored in the MQ2ItemDisplay.ini file in the following format:

    0019542=This is found on the Great Saprophyte in EC<br>Rarity is about 1 in 5
    HTML Code: 
    The </br> tag can be used to insert a line break.
    Sometimes it is easier to edit the file itself rather than type the whole string from within the game (also makes copying and pasting easier).
    The INI file is re-read every time the item display window is opened, so changes take effect immediately.
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