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Nov 29, 2017
Happy congratulations to the wonderful news of a little girl joining your real life questing. May you and Little RedBern's mommy find all the great moments of her changes to come every single day creating smiles even during the crying and diaper changes. As a father myself I can't wait to hear news of funny posts from you explaining to us RedBern has kept you from playing.

By the way, get that kid trained, my 4 and 5 year old girls started playing Eq recently, if Darkpaw is successful Redguides needs your little one to help my little girls in the future, whoo.


Diehard is a christmas movie
Jul 30, 2006
Nanobot 20200208: Replication complete! 🤖🍼

I feel so fortunate that little Bernadette and my wife are healthy. I didn't open my laptop once the last two days and I thank everyone who helped, contributed, and answered questions around here to break my habit. (And a special thank you to Sic and CWTN for the list of baby robot names.)

If any of you are trying or expecting, I wish the best for you as it's potentially a wonderful experience. And if anyone is not expecting, I envy your sleep schedule.
my little girl is due in April :) .... we can commiserate about the lack of sleep together!


Oct 15, 2004
Thank you all :) Everyone warned me how difficult it would be but nobody told me how fun and amazing it is to have a little beb

I also need to talk to whoever gave @Sic my address


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May 17, 2015
I remember the first few days of sleep deprivation just holding my daughter in shock, for hours i would just stare at her, finally my brain processed how magical it was, then deciding to turn my life around

Most inspiring person or person that changes your life is your child

best thing of my life is being a dad

So happy for you