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Question - Turn dps on without mac kissassist? (1 Viewer)


May 5, 2016
is there a way to like run the ini file on my main without it going crazy on me and taking control just for simplicity sake sic?
really depends on what you mean "taking control"

many folks don't realize that mq2melee out-the-box has a really annoying setting with stick - if you're using mq2melee i suggest doing this

/melee load (to ensure you actually have your mq2melee settings set in an ini
/melee stickbreak=1
/melee save
if that stick behavior is not what you're referring to - kissassist also has a manual mode, which then allows you to turn on/off any sections you want to work,while the others do not (like let's say you wanted buffs on, but you wanted to handle dps)

You can read about this in the MISC section of the Kiss Information Guide
May 31, 2018
I played EQ for many yrs only using mq2melee for both melees and casters mostly getting by holy and down flags
I always unloaded moveutils when I raided
nowadays there are alot more plugins and macros that make playing and boxing easy
its all up to you how much or how little u want MQ to do with or for you

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