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Question - Trying to figure this out! (1 Viewer)

May 16, 2019
Hey all I am new to all of this! I have watched most of the guides, my question is where do I start? I have watched and read up on kissassist, muleassist, Lua, etc and by doing so I think I have confused myself lol. Which of these should I be using to get started? I will be 6 boxing a bard, cleric, war, shm and 2 monks. Thanks
Sep 26, 2021
Welcome To The Team GIF by MOODMAN

Welcome to RG and welcome back if you're a returning player!

Always start here RG Video

Watch the vids in Sic's signature (I'm sure he will post soon if he has not done so already while I'm typing this).

Once you have an idea of how things work, you'll want to look into some automation options. Check out Kissassist Beginners Guide, Kissassist Commands , RGmercs, and especially cwtn plugins ( you can also /testcopy your toons and use the cwtn plugins there for free and you'll want to spend some time looking at CWTN Plugins Explained.).

I suggest getting your feet wet slowly and be patient as it takes time to absorb all this information. Try taking your toons somewhere safe and lower level at first and explore the automation options. It takes some time to get used to, so don't be surprised it if feels overwhelming at first.

Once you feel like your're getting the hang of it (or to get a more in depth idea of what this site can do), then check out the plugins, macros, and lua's available to complement your automation. Things like MQ2pluginmanager, buttonmaster, mq2autogroup, MQ2Autoaccept, MQ2Status, GuildClicky, Boxhud, and more. You'll also want to see Lua event manager.

How do you get to see and experience all of this you ask? You need to be a level 2 member. To do that you have 2 options. First, you can subscribe (paid method) or second, you can use Red Cents. What the heck is a Red Cent you ask? Red Cents can you help with your subscription and it's the currency this site uses. Contribute helpful information (post here) and others will give you red cents and each red cent you give others returns one to you. check it out! Red Cents

Time to subscribe to level 2 and begin a journey you won't regret. Lots of info and a super helpful community here to help when you get stuck.


May 5, 2016
Hey all I am new to all of this! I have watched most of the guides, my question is where do I start? I have watched and read up on kissassist, muleassist, Lua, etc and by doing so I think I have confused myself lol. Which of these should I be using to get started? I will be 6 boxing a bard, cleric, war, shm and 2 monks. Thanks
It is worth trying out many automations and see what works for you.

Welcome to RG and MacroQuest


Jun 13, 2020
Hey all I am new to all of this! I have watched most of the guides, my question is where do I start? I have watched and read up on kissassist, muleassist, Lua, etc and by doing so I think I have confused myself lol. Which of these should I be using to get started? I will be 6 boxing a bard, cleric, war, shm and 2 monks. Thanks
ask questions, ask your friends, start with something, if it doesnt work, ask for options, and adjust and try something else. its endless tinkering. if you're into that sort of thing its kinda fun.
Sep 23, 2015

I picked this up from reading on this forum. Try starting off on the test server. All the paid mods from here are free on the test server. So you get a chance to use them and decide for yourself. But I can almost guarantee which ones you will choose lol.

Start with RGMercs for ALL toons. Then put a few of them on KA or MA. Now I prefer MA because I find it a little easier to use. Simply from the fact that it has an in game UI (MAUI) for it, just makes things easier. Some caveats to this last statement. You have to understand one simple thing, this game changes with every level you make. And I am talking about spells and abilities. KA and MA work from an INI file, and when you level, you need to change that ini file to reflect the use of whatever new spell you just got access to. For 6 toons, that's 6 ini files, which translates into oh let's say, 20 minutes worth of editing ini files. Multiply that times 120 levels and that 2400 minutes, which is 40 frickin hours. Let's just say when I figured that out that I started to look for an easier way. Because (and this is huge to me anyways) I want to play the game and have fun, see the world, experience all this game has to offer (and that is a but ton of offering), NOT edit files and troubleshoot all the stuff associated with MQ. Don't get me wrong here, I admire what all the people behind MQ have brought to this effort but in the end I still just want to play the game. No matter how sophisticated it gets

Also there is the learning curve. Yes there is a rather steep one for us non programmer types. There is a whole new vocabulary you have to learn, then the programming language (syntax) and the rules of using them. And then to top it off there is the troubleshooting time. So when I say TS time I mean you go through this routine of 1. Determine whats wrong. 2. Identify the root of said problem. 3. Figure out how to change syntax to fix the problem. And this involves coming here to first look up and read about said problem and experiment with solutions until maximum frustration sets in. Or just post a question in either Discord (usually faster) or here in the forums and wait for an answer. Then experiment again until resolution or maximum frustration (please don't throw your monitor at the wall, ok?). To only move on to the NEXT problem. And again I have to re iterate that this is for every level. Seriously I have spent more time learning HOW to do this than I have spent actually doing it hehe. On the other hand it can be even more rewarding when you finally get to the point where your group is operating like a well oiled machine and just slaughtering mobs left and right. VERY satisfying.

Ok, enough rant (sorry). Getting back to your question. If I had it to do all over again I would start on the test server for the free access to the paid mods and check them out. Maybe spend a month doing this. Trying stuff out, what your comfortable with and what doesn't fit. KA/MA are fine products and work really well (been around a long time). Takes awhile to learn but ultimately do the job well. RGMercs is a do all/play from scratch mod, well rounded but lacks in certain areas (my opinion). Again I see this one as more of a programmers type of mod. (shrug I still use it and continue to learn about it). Now for the treat I have been driving at for this whole thread.

CWTN's MQ2 Plugins... these are the cat's ass of plugins, for this game. No question, you load them up on your toons and immediately start watching them do stuff you weren't even thinking about doing with them solo let alone in a group setting. A few things to know before you dive into this. CWTN does NOT have plugins for BRD, WIZ, RNG, or DRU yet. He is working on them and I suspect they will be out soonish but still...And if you play on a LIVE server they cost $20 per class per year. So if you have 6 toons that can use CWTN's plugins that's $120 a year. Ok, that's the downside, but if you have any idea how this game is to be played in a group setting, then this is the way to go. First off you install the plugins and fire them up and then you say to yourself "What? I don't need to import an ini file?" Nope, but you do have to go through a list of preferences you want to set for your toon though. It is just not the same thing by any stretch of the imagination. Go where you want to level up your toons and literally SIC your group onto the mobs. I actually have a hotkey named Sic em on my hot bar in honor of Sic lol, and I smile every time I press it.

I have said this in other posts on these forums and I will say it again here. My new favorite toon to watch is my Enchanter. You may think that would be the least of my toons I would watch, and mostly you would be right. Until I started using MQ2ENC that is. I am still astounded what an ENC is capable of. With MQ2ENC I just bow pull with my WAR, and not really care about how many he gets. Run him back to camp and my ENC takes over. Before the CLR can even heal the WAR, the ENC has already mezzed all the mobs and picked out one to charm. The CLR gets the heal off and the WAR does his tank thing and all of a sudden there is the assist call from the tank. I have mine set for 98%. And all the pets attack including the one that the ENC just charmed. You, of course, have heard about charmed pets? Some of the best DPS in the game comes from charmed pets lol. Then the ENC goes into the whole slow mob, Rune the tank, sets her auras and so on. That is why I like to watch my ENC (besides being a cute High Elf too). I had a situation the other day where the WAR pulled and brought like 5 mobs. The group was doing their thing and here comes an add, ok np. Then the room re popped. 4 more adds. Then a roamer came in. okayyyy now it is getting dicey and I am starting to panic a little. I was mousing over the Succor button and looked up at my screen. The ENC had them all just standing there with drool coming out their mouths while 3 of their buddies were lying on the floor and the last of them was getting the shit beat out of him by the rest of the group. In all there were 12 mobs total. Now these weren't any of your push over mobs, they were all white to red mobs. Kinda scary in any normal setting. My group kicked their collective ass, and I was almost jumping up and down...well I was definitely cheering them on...silently of course. Now seriously, I don't think I could have done that without CWTN's plugins. Well maybe, but not with as much ease. I had a friend who used to play EQ, 6 box on 6 different PC's with 6 mice and KB's. After an hour there was sweat rolling off him. I asked how he did that every night, and he really didn't have an answer for me. And he WIPED all the time. This is a ton easier and way more efficient.

Simply said, CWTN's plugins are the way to go. If you are looking to enjoy this game in a group environment, then I have to say this IS the solution you are looking for. Best money I have spent on this game ever. Chat and Sic do NOT pay me for this endorsement, and I have stated it several times already. I am just sold, is all. Anyways you now have my opinion and I hope it helps you out. Believe me there is so much to learn here, so kick back and relax and enjoy the ride.

Dec 23, 2020
If you're ok with dropping $80(Bard isn't quite here yet and 1 sub will cover both monks) for CWTN Class plugins, that's the way to go. They are awesome and will take away most of the troubles of setting up your toons manually.

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