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Jun 14, 2020
Hey there!

Making my way back into the game after 20+ years, only to find out im no longer capable of boxing like back in the day :)

Would you guys suggest trying some of the emulator servers or going for a live server? I stopped playing at the release of GoD, so all the content after that, is unknown territory for me.

Also curious if theres anyone around from the Bristlebane server from back in the day? I mostly spent my time in Arch Overseers and Familjen.

Cheers in advance


I run with scissors,break crayons,and eat paste
Sep 26, 2021
WB Yenz!!!! I did the same as you taking a huge break from release until several years ago and (with RG) it's still a ton of fun. Spin up a crew on the server of your choice and start the journey again, I say!

I have never played on EMU but one of the most common ones I see is Project Lazarus.

check em both out I say. You never know where you'll find the most fun =)


Taco Giver
Aug 19, 2020
Getting Started / Returning user

Welcome to RedGuides, fellow EQ multi-boxing enthusiast!

The best place to begin is our "New User Guide" video series, click this TV to watch:

This step-by-step series will teach absolute beginners how to control 6 characters at once while highlighting Nav, AutoLogin, and DanNet, which are fundamental plugins that will enhance every aspect of your game.

Returning users check out - MacroQuest Release Party: https://www.redguides.com/community/threads/macroquest-release-party.80628/ for information about changes from the legacy MQ2 to the new and awesome MQ

Welcome back! there are many options to play (live, test, TLP and EMU), so figure out what your looking for, and grab 6 char and go~.. seriously, watch the above linked info, super helpful. Remember this is a game, most of us are here for fun, so dont make it to much "work".

Also, on live, test and TLP's this software is against the ToS: *DBG "what constitutes cheating and related RG info goes here"*
IRL - Returning player

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