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Question - Plugin to move to a specific zone (1 Viewer)

Apr 3, 2019
I was wondering if there is a plugin to move to a specific zone?

I use the in game zone guide + /follow, but sometimes that does not know how to get to the location
I have been having everyone follow my tank, but they do not always zone, and they do not click the PoK transport.
Jan 31, 2020
To follow up on this, I play on an eqemu server. If I do /zonepath <zonename>
It will always return "The zone path generator was unable to find a path from $currentZone to $targetZone
where $currentZone is my current zone, and $targetZone is where I want to go to.

Is there a fix for this? I also tried this on PEQ and have the same issues.

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